Youth Exchange: Bring the change

Dates: 6-15 February 2017

Venue: Ohrid, FYROM

Eligible are participants coming from: Greece

and Involves 41 participants coming from: Serbia, Romania, FYROM, United Kingdom, KOSOVO*, Albania, Turkey, Greece

Application deadline: 12th January 2017

The youth exchange aims to bring together young people/ members/activists of our organisations to raise awareness about importance of cultural diversity and use multimedia and NFE as a tool for active participation and youth employment especially for youngsters with fewer opportunities.


YiA 18 organization will send 1 youth leader, plus 4 participants. Participants of the youth exchange shall be between 18-30 years old motivated to contribute in the learning process.

All participants shall have at least basic command in spoken English but as well in order to not exclude participants translation can be provided by leaders if it will be necessary.

Experience of participants in multimedia and cultural diversity will be an asset but it is not a condition for participation in the youth exchange.

For this activity we have planned to involve 20 participants with fewer opportunities background. Priority will be given to interested individuals with following background: social and economic problems, disabled youngsters, refugee/immigrant background, rural areas etc.

The main aim of the project is to develop the competences of European youth workers in the use of multimedia tools in youth work, mostly through photography and video to promote the positive image of cultural diversity.

During the project we will explore key elements that refer to cultural diversity such as: personal cultural backgrounds, identity, nationality, religion and beliefs, living contexts, tensions, cultural sensitivity, prejudices and stereotypes.

Project objectives:
-to develop competences of European youth workers, notably in the field of using multimedia and fostering cultural diversity
-to develop transversal skills of young people by using non-formal learning to develop their multimedia and communication skills
-to promote young people’s active citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular by encouraging young people to be leaders in their communities

-to explore European values such as cultural diversity, democracy and human rights and their importance for young people in partner countries
-to promote cultural diversity as a resource for our society and stress its positive sides;
-to provide concrete tools to participants through use of visual art (photography, video) fostering employability skills especially for youngsters with disadvantage background
-to promote Erasmus+ Youth as a tool for active citizenship and participation in social life of young people

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

– Being selected for this course, accommodation and lodging (breakfast-lunch and dinner) will be 100% covered by the host organisation. 100% for travel cost (maximum amount see down).

Transport: 100% covered by the Erasmus+ program, within following limits:

Greece: 80 Euro/participant. Participants who will exceed this travel cost, will be charged the additional cost

Participation fee 30 euro per participant. The fee will be deposited after succesful selection of the candidates (non-refundable in case of cancellation).




YiA 18, in partnership with Y4S – NGO

Hosting organization: PEL, FYROM.

PEL is an organisation with lot of experience and young professionals, with a range of skills in the field of education, human rights, gender etc.

Youth in Advance 18

Phone:+30 6937185827

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Working language: English

Profile of participants: Motivated young people, residents of Greece.

Kosovo UN1244 (*not recognized by some countries)