Seminar: Connected Recognition

Dates: 20-26 February 2017

Venue: Trakai district, Lithuania

Eligible are 28 participants coming from: Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal

Application deadline: 11th January 2017

Seminar will bring professionals from youth work and formal education in order to strengthen cooperation among sectors and build connected learning and recognition experiences for young people.


The AIM of the seminar is to strengthen cooperation among youth work organisations and schools and promote innovative methods in supporting young people’s learning and recognition of their achievements across sectors.

Seminar has the following OBJECTIVES:

– To present and analyse existing youth work and schools cooperation practices, shared by project partners.
– To identify learning pathways and achievements of young people across educational sectors.

– To explore the ways young people can reflect, capture, manage and share their achievements from after school programmes and youth work organisations.
– To start development of innovative recognition systems allowing young people to manage their achievements and seek wider recognition across diverse sectors as well as to increase capacity of partners in providing recognition tools and systems for recognising non-formal learning.


On the FIRST DAY there will be various interactive and playful methods used in order to get to know the venue, to get to know each other and discuss one’s own contributions to the programme and the needs to prepare them in advance.

On the SECOND DAY we will start with a method enabling participants to prepare and share their professional pathway story with other participants. Then we will follow with introduction to the seminar’s context and objectives.

The afternoon part aims to provide space for sharing experiences of cooperation among youth work organisations and schools

On the THIRD DAY we will be exploring learning pathways of young person through engagement in diverse learning opportunities. he afternoon part will focus on systematic analysis of the ways the assessment and recognition of learning is implemented

At the beginning of the FOURTH DAY we will explore the concept of Connected Learning aiming to provide so called “connected learning experience” for young person which is interest driven, connected among diverse educational sectors and recognised through shared and connected recognition ecosystem.

In the afternoon we are planning trip to Vilnius and meeting with UNESCO Commission, Education development Centre (“Ugdymo plėtotės centras”), Apple’s distributors promoting “iClass” tools for technology driven competence based education.

On the FIFTH DAY we will be building a design of activities, shaped by “Connected learning” vision across formal and non-formal education. Once we will have drafts (we are aware that a thorough work has to be done also after the seminar), participants will create visual materials for the systems created, which can be presented to the wider community and serve as dissemination of ideas.

The SIXTH DAY will start with a symbolically named part “The Grand Finale” aiming to showcase newly built and designed activities, which would support connected learning of young people. Then we will have time for designing future cooperation connections among partners, reviewing possible ideas for disseminating learning and recognition systems across sectors.

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme.

We will provide accommodation and food for free. All programme costs are covered by Erasmus+ grant.

We will reimburse the travels based on the actual costs, but we can not reimburse more than the identified amount below, based on the country participants are traveling from:

Finland – up to 275 Eur.
Germany – up to 275 Eur.
Greece – up to 275 Eur.

Italy – up to 275 Eur.
Malta – up to 360 Eur.
Netherlands – up to 275 Eur.
Portugal – up to 360 Eur.

The participants will be expected to make a participation fee of 40 euros for balancing the project budget. When justified, participants can be exempt from making such contribution.

We will reimburse in 2 parts: 70% in month after sending all travel docs. The rest of 30% will be reimbursed after National Agency will approve the final report (expected by Sept. 2017)




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