Training Course: Youth entrepreneurs’ Lab

Dates: 20-28 February 2017

Venue: Thessaloniki, Greece

Eligible are 30 participants coming from: Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, FYROM, Poland, Portugal, Romania

Application deadline: 17th January 2017

The training course “Youth Entrepreneurs’ Lab” will allow the participants to experiment different non-formal methodologies aiming at raising up their employability, sense of initiative and unleashing their creativity.


Thе KA1 showcasеs thе importancе of еntrеprеnеurial lеarning for young pеoplе. Wе will addrеss two diffеrеnt, yеt, complimеntary milеstonеs of thе Kеy Action 1 and of Еrasmus+ Program into a jointly organizеd Training coursе aiming to drivе еntrеprеnеurial lеarning in ordеr to fostеr youth inclusion and raisе thе sеnsе of initiativе, autonomy and еmployability of youth.

Through implementing the training course “The Youth Entrepreneurs’ Lab” will gather 30 youth workеrs/leaders, young еntrеprеnеurs, and youth with fеwеr opportunitiеs from 10 programme countriеs.

The denomination “Lab” reflects the spirit to have during the project, as we will experiment different methodologies and expect from the participants to be ready to take a leap into determination, and not being afraid to fail.

Aims of the project:

• To increase the competences of youth workers, trainers, youth leaders and volunteers in the fields of creativity and entrepreneurship;

• To create a toolkit with tested non-formal educational tools for developing abilities for youth creativity on entrepreneurship.

Objectives of the training course:

• To gather participants in fulfilling a project / business / social idea along the week of the activity

• Participants to gain new competences on youth creativity and entrepreneurship;

• To create new non-formal methods to empower youth in becoming future entrepreneurs;

• To share resources and inform about European ones (entrepreneurship education and learning, access to different types of funding, partnerships, networks etc.) useful for business creation and sustainability;

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

Accomodation and meals are provided by the hosting organization. The travel costs are reimbursed up to the following limits:

France- 275€
Portugal- 360€
Poland – 275€
Greece – 0€
FYROM – 180€

Romania – 275€
Lithuania – 275€
Italy – 275€
Croatia – 275€
Bulgaria – 275€

There’s a participation fee of 35€




Center for Intercultural Exchange – NGO

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