Training Course: Gamification for Balkans

Dates: 18-25 April 2017

Venue: Becici, Montenegro

Eligible are 30 participants coming from: Albania, Croatia, Greece, Italy, KOSOVO*. FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey

Application deadline: 18th March 2017

Training about use of gamification for solving problems in society in Balkans and EU.
Project is designed to develop operational capacities of engaged organizations by learning innovative methods of youth social activation.

General Description

The project will explore gamification as a method of youth work, designed to engage youth in solving problems of their local communities. Social engagement of youth will is expected to leverage youth position in their local communities, and thus prevent social and economic exclusion.

Youth workers and youth leaders will discuss ways of engaging youth for taking actions for their communities, exchange good practices and discuss possible boundaries of engaging young people in social actions.

Participants will learn principles of gamification –methodology of social engagement using elements of game mechanics and will develop methods of using the knowledge and skills in youth work.

The project will initiate network of organisations using gamification in youth work (also by creation of “Gamification Tool-box”), able to support each other and multiply good practices in different social contexts in Europe..

Participants will learn principles of gamification – methodology of social engagement using elements of game mechanics and will develop methods of using the knowledge and skills in youth work.


Energizers, this will help young people to open up their mind, get some energy and open up young people against each other.

Cooperation exercises, prepared exercises of young people from different countries to help the young people to open up and get to know everyone Country workshops, preparing each country workshops to teach young people from other countries, some from their own.

Leisure, the most important thing. When young people can really get to know each other in depth and talk about other than the project itself.

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+

– Being selected for this course, accommodation and lodging (breakfast-lunch and dinner) will be 100% covered by the host organisation.

– Transport: 100% covered by the Erasmus + program, within following limits:

Travel costs will be reimburesed according to the rules of Erasmus+ up to:

  • 180 EUR for participants from the HR, IT, GR, KS, RS, AL, BIH and
  • 275 EUR for participants from Turkey.

There is no participation fee.




CET Platform Montenegro – NGO

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Kosovo UN1244 (*not recognized by some countries)