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Training Course Practicing Democracy: Betzavta Training Courses

Dates: 7-13 December 2017

Venue: International Youth Meeting Center Krzyzowa, Poland

Eligible are 22 participants coming from: Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 31st October 2017

Betzavta is a method for learning about democracy which was developed by the Adam Institute in Israel. It is an internationally renowned democracy education programme used in schools and non-school educational institutions.

General Description

One of the ongoing challenges and important tasks for a democracy is to develop a democratic culture among its citizens.

Democratic institutions certainly form an important base but without the development of corresponding attitudes among the people, they are running the risk to remain an empty shelf.

During The Basic Betzvata Training participants will have a chance to become familiar with the Betzavta method. Through a number of games and interactive activities they are going to explore the democratic decision-making process in a more personal way, and eventually get a more fundamental understanding of democracy.

In order to further build on the knowledge gained during The Basic Betzavta Training, The Advanced Betzavta Training will offer a chance for participants to focus on their own role as a Betzavta facilitator and ways in which the method can be applied in different working environments.

A limited understanding of democracy is also affecting the approaches of democracy education, which often put an overemphasis on cognitive learning aspects, e.g. an understanding the procedural aspects of its institutions.

Another challenge in this educational field is the limitation to an abstract discussion about the (dis-)advantages of different forms of democracy without making young people aware of their own attitudes and possible consequences for their own life and their immediate surroundings.

Furthermore, the international composition of both trainings fosters development of intercultural cooperation on the international level. Thus, both trainings offer to multipliers a platform for exchange of ideas regarding their understanding of democracy.

Although Betzavta is gaining increasing international popularity due to its ability to connect with a wide range of important contemporary youth work topics (e.g. democratic decision making, conflict resolution, multiculturalism), international training offers in the field are still very rare.

A comparatively weakness of a civil society based on democratic values unfortunately still forms a characteristic of eastern European states and the capacity building of actors in the field with an innovative method will help to strengthen the existing initiatives in this area.

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

Food and accommodation will be provided and paid by the organizers

Travel costs will be reimbursed after the training. Maximum amount of the reimbursement for travel costs for each training is listed below:

– Spain, Romania, Denmark, UK, and Croatia: 275 €
– Poland: max.180 € for travel distance between 100 and 499 KM / max. 275 € for travel distance between 500 and 1999 KM
– Germany: max. 180 € for travel distance between 100 and 499 KM / max. 275 € for travel distance between 500 and 1999 KM

Participation fee covers accommodation, training, all meals and excursions; a reduced fee for students, apprentice, and unemployed upon request. The participation fee is due after confirmation of participation through the organizer. The fee amounts are listed below:

The Basic Betzavta Training (reduced fee)
Spain: 100 € (80 €)
Denmark, Germany and UK: 150 € (120 €)
Poland: 80 € (65 €)
Croatia and Romania: 50 € (40€)

The Advanced Betzavta Training (reduced fee)
Spain: 100 € (80 €)
Croatia and Romania: 50 € (40 €)
Denmark, Germany and UK: 150 € (120 €)
Poland: 80 € (65 €)




Kreisau-Initiative e.V. – NGO

Phone: +4915252988402

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloads: Open call for participants_Betzavta International.pdf

Contact for questions:

Iva Bubalo