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Training Course: Social Media To Activate Youth and Communities v 2.0

Dates: 26 October – 3 November 2017

Venue: Nicolosi (Sicily), Italy

Eligible are 4 participants coming from: Italy, Slovak Republic

Application deadline: 16th October 2017

ATTENTION: Additional call for Italian & Slovakian participants

“Social Media to Activate Youth and Communities v. 2.0” is a TC based on the transfer of skills in the field of the functioning of social media, since today they have becomeindispensable for young people and youth organizations of civic society.

General Description

“Social Media to Activate Youth and Communities v. 2.0” is a training course based on the transfer of skills, according to non-formal education techniques, in the field of the functioning of social media, since today they have become indispensable for young people and youth organizations of civic society. And not only because they are instruments of free promotion of their own activities and projects, but also because they are today the most powerful tools that activate societies behind and for a cause.

The TC will present participants the basics of communication, public speaking, influence, persuasion and rhetoric, and how they can be applied to social media and how messages and values are transmitted to the general audience.

Mass sociology and psychology will be considered, as well as analyzing the latest massive mass movements that have made extensive use of social media and are therefore essential to success.

The most important part of the TC includes strong elements of knowledge transfer and practice, so all that has been learned during the sessions can be experienced immediately through simulations, Open Space Technology, the development of a media strategy and its Implementation under the support and supervision of international trainers.

In fact, the TC is aimed at youth animators, young activists, members of youth organizations who may encounter difficulties in promoting their work and values to the general public and who want to be recognized and gaining greater knowledge of the phenomenon.

The project, which will take place in Sicily, Italy, in Nicolosi, a small village at the foot of the Etna volcano, will have a great impact on the participants’ ability to reflect on the new dynamics that characterize social media in Europe and through the use of methods Non-formal learning will provide them with the skills and tools to approach them with self-confidence and creativity so that they can be exploited in any sphere of personal and work opportunities.

Among other things, the TC will have a direct impact on: renewed web presence of NGOs and more opportunities to publicize their activities, internationalization of individual partners and youth work, recognition of youth work from the local to the international level, deep and renewed Communication skills and the social world for young participants and practitioners.

In addition, the TC will have a further impact on the participant as it will make a big contribution to achieving the following results:

– develop basics and skills in communication, public communication, persuasion and rhetoric, and how these apply to social media;
– understand how messages and values are transmitted to the general audience;
– develop the skills and capacities of youth workers to support the active participation of young people in local communities through the use of social media tools and methodologies;
– examine the possibilities of using social media to encourage youth activism;
– reflect on non-formal education, its methods and its applicability within social networks;
– develop creative and attractive ways to use social media to encourage youth activism, with particular attention to civic engagement;

– identify opportunities for local community involvement in concrete actions;
– design and develop action plans for the use of social media in local reference contexts.

From a long-term viewpoint, thanks to the open-source materials (guides, tools, theoretical lessons) that will be developed following TC, as follow-up activities, several and different beneficiaries will be able to draw on transferred and refined knowledge by our participants during the Training Course. Uploaded on our sites and platforms and partners, students, other youth workers, other NGOs, citizens and anyone who wants, will be able to download the materials produced.

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme in the field of youth.

The organisers cover accommodation, three meals and two coffee breaks.

– Food and Accomodation will be totally covered by Associazione Culturale Strauss.

– Travel Costs will be reimbursed following the European Commission Distance Calculator,

up to 275€ for participants from Slovakia

and 180€ for participants from Italy.

Participation fee: 35€




Associazione Culturale Strauss – NGO

Phone: 0039 0934 951144

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Available downloads: InfoPack_Social Media to Activate Youth.pdf

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