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Training Course: New Media and NGOs

Dates: 18-25 February 2018

Venue: Turkey

Eligible are 40 participants coming from: Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 20th November 2017

With our project “New Media and NGOs”, we want to popularize the opportunities of new media for youth workers and NGO any longer and raise awareness of 10 NGOs from 10 countries and 40 youth workers about hate speech.


The term of new media has ensued with the development of technologies; for example of web 2.0, social media, weblog etc. New media has dispossessed the monopoly journalists, editors, media institutions of news source contrary to traditional media and included all segments of society.

These developments have brought about big opportunities and some problems. Some of the advantages are new job opportunities these technologies give, employability, easier access to information and target group. One of the biggest problems is hate speech and crimes.

With our project “New Media and NGOs”, we want to popularize the opportunities of new media for youth workers and NGO any longer and raise awareness of this group about hate speech.

10 nongovernmental organizations from 10 countries and 40 youth workers will come together between the dates of 18-25 February 2018 in İzmir, Turkey with the project “New Media and NGOs”.

The participants will get training about new media tools, weblog applications, hate speech and its types, freedom of expression and carry out workshops with common learning techniques.

Moreover the participants will carry on getting into a partnership with each other and other NGOs in İzmir and its local area for new projects and carry out works for “New Media and Hate Speech Handbook for Youth Workers” until the end of project.

Among other things, the TC will have a direct impact on: renewed web presence of NGOs and more opportunities to publicize their activities, internationalization of individual partners and youth work, recognition of youth work from the local to the international level, deep and renewed Communication skills and the social world for young participants and practitioners.

In addition, the TC will have a further impact on the participant as it will make a big contribution to achieving the following results:

– develop basics and skills in communication, public communication, persuasion and rhetoric, and how these apply to social media;

– understand how messages and values are transmitted to the general audience;
– develop the skills and capacities of youth workers to support the active participation of young people in local communities through the use of social media tools and methodologies;
– examine the possibilities of using social media to encourage youth activism;
– reflect on non-formal education, its methods and its applicability within social networks;
– develop creative and attractive ways to use social media to encourage youth activism, with particular attention to civic engagement;

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme in the field of youth.

1. All participants can get reimbursement for their travel cost untill countries limit:
– 275 Euro for participants from Croatia, Germany, Lithuania, FYROM, Poland, Romania, Slovakia
– 360 Euro for participants from the United Kingdom
– 20 Euro for participants from Turkey

If you spend less than your limit can get back only %100 of your travel cost according travel invoice. Other part of travel budget will use for develop for project acitivities.

2. We will cover 3 meals and accommodation for free.

3.There is participation fee for this project. It is 35 Euro per participant.




Pi Youth Association – NGO

Phone: +90 232 483 03 14

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloads: InfoPack New Media & NGOs.pdf

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