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Training Course Quality Matters II: A cross sectoral approach to mobility projects within Erasmus+ programme

Dates: 5-8 June 2018

Venue: Konstancin Jeziorna, Poland

Eligible are 35 participants coming from: Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme countries

Application deadline: 28th February 2018

Successful implementation of mobility depends on aspects like management, mentoring, risk prevention, encouraging participants to be active and self-aware of the learning process. That is why PL NA organises training Quality Matters.


Delivering high quality mobility is a key driver of the Erasmus+ programme and for those responsible for implementing KA1 mobility projects across Europe.

Based on the combined experience of the National Agency and feedback from beneficiaries, the two key areas in ensuring high quality mobility experience are preparation and evaluation.

Providing participants with an adequate level of cultural, sectoral, pedagogical and linguistic preparation in advance of their mobility help to manage expectations as well as support them during their transnational experience. That is why Quality Matters seminar was organized in 2016 by PL and UK NAs of Erasmus+.

Successful implementation of mobility also depends on aspects like management, mentoring, risk prevention, encouraging participants to be active and self-aware of the learning process. That is why PL NA continues seminar Quality Matters. This time we will focus on the implementation phase and on all the factors that have to be taken into consideration to reach project objectives and ensure they are in line with Erasmus+ programme aims.

With this in mind the main objective of the Quality Matters seminar will be to create a space for sharing knowledge, experience and best practice in implementing mobility projects.

With this said, those responsible for implementing mobility projects; education and / or training staff, lecturers support workers etc. play a crucial role developing competencies and tools for ensuring quality and would benefit most from the seminar.

Therefore we would like to invite participants from Erasmus+ School education, VET and Youth to participate in the seminar to explore tools and share best practice in order to improve the quality of their future mobility projects and ensure they reach the objectives of Erasmus+ programme in general.

The seminar will specifically focus on the following issues:
• Project management – quality aspects
• Mentoring and risk prevention
• Mobility as a learning process

With the specific aims:
– to identify what are the key factors for successful implementation of the project
– to identify differences and similarities between sectoral approaches to mobility support
– to transfer best practices and tools between sectors
– to promote mobility as a learning process.

The seminar will provide a space to discover the similarities and differences between sectors, discuss challenges, identify which practices can be transferred and how to ensure that the mobility experience brings about the expected Erasmus+ effects for participants, beneficiaries, partners and society.

Seminar is open to: People supporting mobility in Erasmus+ sectors (SE, VET and Youth) and working directly with the participants of mobility within these sectors.

Participants: 35 pax ( ca.10 pax per sector).

Working language: English

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme.

Subsistence (meals and accommodation) will be covered by the event organizers.

Travel costs will be covered by sending NAs (please check the conditions with your NA), for participants from Partner Countries in Youth sector travel and visa costs will be covered by sending SALTO.




Polish National Agency of the Erasmus+

Phone: +48 22 46 31 423

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Agnieszka Bielska