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Training Course: Building Business Skills for IT Entrepreneurship

Dates: 26 February – 5 March 2018

Venue: Yerevan, Armenia

Eligible are 30 participants coming from: Armenia, Belarus, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Ukraine

Application deadline: 8th February 2018

Mobility activity for youth workers from Armenia, Belarus, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Ukraine, which is aiming to promote entrepreneurship and active citizenship among young people in local communities.

General Description

Youth unemployment had been already for several years one of the most burning issues in Europe when it comes to both, EU and non-EU states. Especially it had been visible in Eastern Europe, as the result of certain historic circumstances, political instability and economic crisis.

One of the possible solutions and ways to decrease the level of youth unemployment in Europe generally and the countries of Eastern Partnership particularly is empowering and promoting entrepreneurship among young people. At the same time, in the last years we can observe another phenomenon which is a blooming development of IT sector and professionals in the Eastern European countries.

Taking into the consideration those two facts, such as the high level of youth unemployment and the number of competent IT professionals, the possible solution in this situation can be promoting IT entrepreneurship among young people.

Therefore, the objectives of the project are:
– To educate youth workers from the participating organisations about tools and methods in youth work related to empowering young people and promoting entrepreneurship;
– To share good practices from the participating countries and organisations;
– To promote IT entrepreneurship among young people in the participating countries;
– To raise awareness among young people and in local communities about the economic potential of the region;
– To research the needs of young people in local communities regarding entrepreneurial education;

– To establish partner relationships and networking between participating organisations;
– To raise the capacities of participating organisations in the field of non-formal education.
– To promote Erasmus+ Programme and its opportunities for young people.

The training course with the participation of 30 youth workers from 10 partner organisations will take place in Yerevan, Armenia, during 25th of February – 05th of March, 2018.

The activity will be based on non-formal methods, such as workshops, learning by doing, simulations, presentations, theater plays, group work, etc.

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The project is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme.

100% of lodging costs, accommodation, food and training materials are covered by the program.

100% of travel costs will be reimbursed within the budget, which is different for each country according to the official Erasmus+ distance calculator:

Armenia – 0 EUR/ par
Belarus – 275 EUR/ par
Croatia – 360 EUR/ par
Estonia – 360 EUR/ par

Georgia – 180 EUR/ par
Moldova – 275 EUR/ par
Poland – 360 EUR/ par
Portugal – 820 EUR/ par
Slovenia – 360 EUR/ par
Ukraine – 275 EUR/ par

There’s no participation fee for this project.




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