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Youth Exchange: Qualified Unemployed

Dates: 12 – 19 August 2018

Venue: Çankırı, Ankara, Turkey

Eligible are 6 participant coming from: Greece

and Involves 30 participants coming from: Lithuania, Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden, Turkey

Application deadline: 10th June 2018

The project “Qualified Unemployed”organized by Çankırı University Students Group. It is a multi-partner youth mobility project designed to deal with the universal dimension of employment problem with European young people and to create awareness for solution.


Qualified Unemployed Project designed as part of Erasmus+ Youth Exchange aims to increase knowledge and skills of target group on employment in national and international areas as well as creating awareness and drawing attention to the problem.

The other activities and subjects of the project:

  • international dimension of youth employment,
  • presentation of suggestions and ideas of youth on employment,
  • awareness activities to increase employment,
  • introduction and promotion of vocational training institutions,
  • more active and permanent learning with non-formal education methods,
  • visits to public institutions, cultural presentations,
  • communication and dialogue with European countries and young people,
  • to support young people’s decision-making process,
  • and communication and cooperation between institutions and organizations working in the international arena.

The aims of projects: to increase knowledge and skills on employment of the participants and individuals/ institutions / organizations in the target group, to create awareness and cooperation on a global problem. Since the project is carried out as part of Erasmus+ programme, we expect to have more effective results on young people.

Therefore, besides the employment problem, we will work on intercultural learning, interpersonal communication, increasing dialogue with European countries, creating a positive impact on Turkey’s EU membership process, improving hand skills of participants, introducing Erasmus+ programme and encouraging participation, impact of non-formal methods on education solidarity and cooperation on an international problem.

Participants’ profile:

The project participants will be young people who experience employment problems, individuals who work on the problem of employment and disadvantaged young people. In this context, 10 disadvantaged young people, 2 from each country, will take part in the project.(Social, Cultural and Economical disadvantaged) The total number of participants will be 31. There will be 1 group leader from each country.

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

– Being selected for this course, accommodation and lodging (breakfast-lunch and dinner) will be 100% covered by the host organisation.

Transport: 100% covered by the Erasmus + program, within following limits:

Greece: 275 Euro/participant. Participants who will exceed this travel cost, will be charged the additional cost

Participation fee 30 euro per participant. The fee will be deposited after succesful selection of the candidates (non-refundable in case of cancellation).




Çankırı University Students Group – NGO


YiA 18 – NGO

Youth in Advance 18

Phone:+30 693

For additional information please: Download the Application form


Contact for questions:

YiA 18

Working language: English

Profile of participants: Motivated young people holders of EU passport, residing in Greece.

Age bracket: 18 – 30 years old