Training Course: Foundation Diploma in NLP for Those Working With Young People

Dates: 29 September – 5 October 2018

Venue: Lazio, Italy

Eligible are  max 20 participants coming from: Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme countries

Application deadline: 23rd July 2018

A 5-day course for those working with young people, leading to the Foundation Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The aim is to share the knowledge and use of NLP techniques to enrich the lives of participants and young people.

General Description

Why  would you do the course?

•You will enrich your work with young people
•You will expand your skills and expertise in your interactions with others
•You will get an internationally recognised qualification in NLP
•You can achieve this in an immersive week living in a beautiful village in Italy, with a chance to enjoy home cooked food and the rich local culture and environment. Join this week-long training course to start you on your journey through the wonderful adventure that is NLP.

What will we do?

NLP is a field of applied psychology. It focuses on helping us and the young people we work with to make changes in the way we think, feel and behave, helping to make life even better and to avoid making bad life decisions. NLP works through an understanding of communication based on some basic models and concepts that can be adapted into quick, easy to use and effective techniques.

During the course you will get a chance to start learning this fascinating field of human interaction and be awarded the internationally recognised Foundation Diploma verified by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA)

How will we do it?

The course is designed to be interactive and experiential. A skill is only a skill when we get a chance to practice it and “find our voice” with it. You will have lots of chances to explore how NLP will work for you. You will be expected to be work with others in the roles of: NLP guide; as a person exploring issues; and as an observer, offering feedback and advice to colleagues.
NLP is done best with a light-touch. Humour, stories, sharing of expertise and enjoyment are at the core of our training.

How will it fit in with our Lives & Work?

A core idea in NLP is that of effectiveness coming from flexibility in response to other people. As well as developing your existing skills and expertise, we aim to equip you with some new techniques that will increase that effectiveness for you. The course is adapted for people working with young people and much of what you learn will be directly apply to your work situations. However, NLP doesn’t stop there. You can use your NLP learning as effectively in your home life, with your family and friends.

Organisation & Delivery

•We have places for 20 participants, with a minimum of 12 participants to make the course viable
•The course is organised by Think Forward CIC (UK) and hosted by Cooperativa Sociale Muovimente (Italy)
•The course will be delivered in English and all course materials will be in English
•The course leader, Steve Burns, is an Accredited Trainer with INLPTA, and is assisted by Catherine Jones, an NLP Master-Practitioner

Your investment.

There are two elements to your investment in this training:
1.TIME: Time restrictions mean that this is an intensive and immersive training experience. It is expected that during the course the training will be your priority. INLPTA is clear about the minimum number of “30 guided learning hours” that are required for successful accreditation. This means that we want to work with those who will be committed to the agreed programme.
2. MONEY: The participation fee for this unique the NLP Foundation Diploma is €650. This includes all the training costs as well as full-board accommodation and certification on successful completion of the course.
The following items are NOT INCLUDED in the participation fee: flights and transfers; Travel insurance; free-time activities; alcoholic drinks. PLEASE NOTE: This course is NOT FUNDED by Erasmus+.

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This project is NOT financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

The participation fee for this unique the NLP Foundation Diploma is €650.

This includes all the training costs as well as full-board accommodation and certification on successful completion of the course.





Cooperativa Sociale Muovimente. Sermugnano – NGO

Phone: +44(0) 7523048103

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Contact for questions:

Steve Burns