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EVS: International Community for Development

This is a registered Short Term EVS !

Dates: 1st August 2018 – 28th September 2018 (2 months)

Venue: Latinovac, Municipality of Čaglin, Croatia

Eligible are 2 participants coming from: Greece

Application deadline: 5th July 2018

ATTENTION: Last call for volunteers!

European Voluntary Service provides to young volunteers a unique opportunity to live in a foreign country and collaborate with a fair cause, a personal and professional growth experience free of charge.


To begin with, thank you for your interest and taking into consideration to come to Croatia, do your EVS here and give your contribution to this Project and rural development. Herewith, we kindly would like to give you some basic information about our way of living.

This ”call for applicants” serves as a means to provide you with valuable insights and information prior deciding to come to Latinovac, Croatia.

The overall objective of the project is to create a sustainable community with all its diversity, to develop rural areas and to improve the quality of life of local people.

Specific objectives:
– To educate youth and local people about permaculture (theory and practice), sustainability, eco-building, food production etc.
– To help in the community at seasonal work during the summer
– To develop hiking and cycling routes and promote them among the area
– To support and develop community spirit, by helping each other and promoting activism
– To promote mobility projects among youngsters, being the EVS volunteers an example of it
– To highlight Latinovac into a bigger community, involving new people into community development
– To create educational and entertainment activities for the local community
– To support solidarity and community spirit, learning from intergenerational and intercultural exchange and mutual understanding about the community; on this way we decrease prejudices and stereotypes
– To promote European values such as professional growth, activism, solidarity etc
– To help the volunteers to self-develop themselves through their personal projects

Specific Activities:
– Promotion and education of permaculture. Practice in local properties, gardening, waste management and recycling, eco-building etc
– Help in the community
– Promotion and education of recycling
– Healthy lifestyle education. Healthy food workshops, gardening, international recopies, hiking & cycling etc
– Intercultural exchange. Intercultural events involving the local community
– Fall Fest
– Volunteer’s personal projects

All activities will be based upon an educational and practical part, responding to the principle of lifelong learning. The goal our organization pursues is to contribute to the community development as such, connect and network with local people, attempting to create possibilities for better life and future, providing higher quality of living for both generations.

Examples to achieve this are for instance different projects, social and small entrepreneurship and sustainable living education.

Latinovac is one of the smallest villages in Croatia, located in Easter part. It is part of the municipality of Čaglin with approximately 60 inhabitants. This municipality is on the eastern part of the county of Pozesko-slavonska. What is striking however is a constant decrease of local population from 312 inhabitants in 1961 to currently 60 in 2015.

This area is characterized by outstanding beautiful nature reserve and protected areas. The area illustrates enormous potential for development. As the number of inhabitants already indicates, Latinovac is a very little village and “somewhere in the middle of nowhere”. We don’t have lighting on the streets; there are no shops or anything similar in our lovely village. The closest shop is in Čaglin, approximately 3km distance reachable by walking. However, there are two mini mobile shops passing through Latinovac twice a day providing basic products.

The major challenges that our village is facing are:
– The abandonment and extinction of the village leading to declining population
– Low economic activity causing young people to move away and search for better career and educational possibilities out of Latinovac
– Passivity among the younger and older generations

If you agree to come and do your EV here, you should be open minded towards your hosting country and culture. Things are not better, worse, right or wrong, things are just done differently.

Volunteers are going to live in the village Latinovac, being the Eko Centar Latinovac part of it. Volunteers will be hosted in the village and live together with villagers in their houses. These are valuable experiences; the accommodation is simple and not exclusive. This means that you should be willing to share room, toilet and bathroom with other volunteers.

Simple accommodation means that you will be provided with bed, pillow, sheets, duvets and blankets, furniture heating and warm water. Upon you arrival we will arrange your sleeping place and provide you with the points mentioned above.
If you wish, you can bring your sleeping bag or your favorite pillow.

Working time
Volunteers are expected to work 5 days per week and 6 hours per day according to the EVS Charter, having 2 free consecutive days.

Volunteer’s profile
Volunteers should be interested in environment, sustainable development, permaculture, cultural differences, living in rural area.
As well, they should be creative, communicative, open minded about differences, willing to live in rural area and to share knowledge and information about their culture and their country. Team players, with community spirit, active participants, adaptable and willing to work on promotion of mobility and the project in social media.
To have a successful EVS it is important that volunteers have self-initiative in order to develop their personal projects and have a real impact.

The volunteer will be working within an international group of 15 volunteers, coming from: Slovakia, Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Poland, Greece and Spain

You are already interested to apply for this EVS project? Then send us your resume (cv), at: yia18plus@gmail.com



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

– Being selected for this course, accommodation and lodging (breakfast-lunch and dinner) will be 100% covered by the host organisation. 100% for travel cost (maximum amount see down).

–  Provided health insurance.

  • Food and accommodation is FREE
  • Everything is FREE OF CHARGE for the volunteer!

Transport: 100% covered by the Erasmus+ program, within following limits:

Greece: 275 Euro/participant. Participants who will exceed this travel cost, will be charged the additional cost

  • Monthly allowance: 235 euro* for the volunteer (pocket money+food allowance)

*Food is covered by the hosting organisation, they will buy the ingredients and 3 meals per day will be prepared (in agreement with the volunteer). Volunteers will help in the preparation of the food, and we are happy to exchange recipes and ideas with you.

-The food in the Eko Centar is mostly vegetarian




YiA 18, in partnership with EKO Centar, Latinovac – NGO


Youth in Advance 18

Phone:+30 693

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

YiA 18

E-Mail: yia18plus@gmail.com

Working language: English (basic knowledge)

Profile of participants: Motivated young people (17-30), residents of Greece.