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International Youth Conference: “European Values for the Future of the Southeastern European Countries”.

Dates: 27th of September– 1st of October 2018

Venue: Krusevo, FYROM

Eligible are 68 participants coming from: Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, FYROM, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey

Application deadline: 15th August 2017

In September 2018, the 16th International Youth Conference “European Values for the Future of SEE countries” will take part.


This conference was firstly developed in 2003 and during this period, a significant progress was made over 16 years in the region. With the Western Balkans being the spotlight of the European agenda this year and with the region being a high priority on the agenda of Bulgaria’s EU Council Presidency that promises a favorable context for advancing its EU bids, we will implement 16th edition of the Krusevo conference.

Striving towards answering the questions “Will 2018 be a year of opportunity for the region?”, here in the Balkans, apart from the country-specific issues, experts observing the region have identified a number of trends, such as erosion of democracy, fast-rising nationalist sentiments, and external influences based on the global geopolitical movements, corrupted political elites, difficulties in implementing rule of law, all of which, require a priority action.

The challenge lies, therefore, in speeding up the enlargement process, but without compromising the quality of reforms.  Hereby, young people are important key figures for tise important process in the region.

Each year, the International Youth Conference is providing to the young leaders, an open space for discussing solutions to the region’s most pressing problems, particularly focusing on young people’s problems. The discussion will be focused on the values, and this year we will try to show that both EU countries and Western Balkans do share them, and have them in their common identity and cultural heritage. To do so, we will also make a difference between policy choices and values.

We strongly believe that the 16th edition of Krusevo Conference with great warmth will open its arms to the next generation of young leaders in the region and will invite them to learn lessons and take inspiration for their commitment for supporting the EU enlargement of the region.

The strategy of expanding the EU not only promotes stability, but also is based on regional collaboration, mutual understanding and respect, healthy neighborly relations based on open cooperation, reconciliation and addressing issues of the past with sobriety.

The International Youth Conference “European Values for the Future of SEE Countries“ for sixteenth consecutive years lives as a forum where 68 active, successful and able young leaders, youth workers and representatives of prominent NGOs from 16 countries. Those fighters for a better future are sharing their visions, strategies, campaigns and way of thinking during the 5-day forum.

Participants’ profile:

  • Youth workers, youth leaders, active young people, multipliers, as well as representatives of youth networks;
  • Available to actively attend the full duration of the Conference;
  • Able to communicate in English, the working language of the Conference;
  • Above 18 years old.

They are using the Conference as an orientation marker for their future plans in the field of European values because it is well known that the conference is the perfect base for proclaiming new ideas and creating new politics.

The International Youth Conference is a unique place, a cultural crossroad where discussions for: rule of law, democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, free-market economy, political inclusiveness and right of free sexual orientation, are mixing while we are putting together the mosaic of the future.

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This is not an Erasmus+ project.

Costs for accommodation and food will be fully covered by the organizers.

*For 55 participants costs for accommodation and food will be fully covered by the organizers.

80% of the travel costs will be covered by the organizers.




Youth Alliance – Krusevo – NGO


Foundation Friedrich Ebert – NGO

Phone: +389 2 3120214

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:


Phone: +389 78 305 252

Website: http://krusevoconference.org.mk



Skype: krusevoyouth

E-Mail: krusevoyouth@on.net.mk