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Training Course. Making Movies Matter. United Kingdom

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Training Course: Making Movies Matter

Dates: 1-11 February 2018

Venue: Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Eligible are 21 participants coming from: Estonia, FYROM, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Slovak Republic, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 14th December 2017

Main aim of this project is to equip youth workers with competencies necessary for using movie-making as a methodology.


The TC “Training Course – Making Movies Matter” aims to equip youth workers with competencies necessary for using movie-making as a methodology in bringing the common fundamental values of our society closer to hard to reach young people and young people not involved in civic and non-formal education.

Based on our previous experiences, we believe that movies can make a difference when working with those youth, and we want to help more organizations and youth workers to be effective at it.

Films are by default thought to be more appealing to young people compared to other media and organizations use them for introducing young people with ideas, concepts and values that do not appear exciting to most of them.

However, youth workers often lack the skills needed to produce films that will look genuine and will attract and keep the attention of young people – especially ones that are generally not involved in non-formal education, and thus more difficult to reach.

Thus, such films often reach only a limited number of young people who are already involved, and who can be also impacted using other methods.

We are sure that youth workers or even educated youth are able to change the situation. We want to act and bring positive changes in our societies taking a special focus on media.

We intend to bring everyone messages for gender equity and equality through digital images. We intend to invite youth workers and educators to use these tools in their future work.

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) within the budget will be covered by the organiser.

Max travel cost reimbursement:
● Italy: 275 EUR per participant
● FYROM:360 EUR per participant

● France: 275 EUR per participant
● Estonia: 275 EUR per participant
● Greece: 360 EUR per participant
● Slovakia: 275 EUR per participant
● Portugal: 275 EUR per participant
● UK: 180 EUR per participant
Further information in attached Info-pack

There is no participation fee.




Opportunity Global – NGO

Phone: +44 7759018885

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloads: Infopack Making Movies Matter.pdf

Contact for questions:

Barbare Tabidze


Training Course. People beyond borders. Serbia

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Training Course: people beyONd borders – tools for fighting discrimination and building more inclusive society

Dates: 17-26 February 2018

Venue: Serbia

Eligible are 22 participants coming from: Italy, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia

Application deadline: 27th November 2017

Erasmus+ project “people beyONd borders” is a TC to be held in Serbia, in February 2018. The main objective of the TC is providing participants theoretical and practical knowledge about current refugee’s situation in Serbia, Europe and tools to work with around the topic.


This TC is designed to introduce participants to the topic of migrations and current situation in Europe regarding migrants and refugees, and to share with them tools for fighting discrimination and building more inclusive society.

„people beyONd borders“ is a 10 days TC with the objective of providing participants with theoretical and practical knowledge about current migrant and refugee situation in Europe, and providing them with tools for understanding this problem, for fighting discrimination and building their community into more understanding and inclusive one.

From April 2015 until today, during “European Refugee Crisis”, over two million refugees and migrants have had their desperate journey to Europe, coming mostly from war-torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. These people came running away from unbearable life conditions in their countries, searching for safety and future for themselves and their families.

Their way to Europe is full of obstacles and difficulties and what they encounter once they finally reach Europe is devastating. They become subjects to discrimination, stereotypes, exclusion, and unfortunately even violence.

At the same time, media are either not reporting about this things or they’re sending incorrect, exaggerated and even dangerous information. All this creates atmosphere of not understanding, discrimination and prejudice towards refugees. In order to make first steps towards change of this atmosphere, we would like to provide young people with knowledge and tools they can use to make the change.

Through workshops, lectures, interactive presentations and discussions hosted by experts on the subject, participants will learn and practice different approaches to this situation which will hopefully inspire them to act and to share their knowledge in their own community.

19 participants from 6 countries – Serbia, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Italy, Slovenia and Portugal.

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

Being this TC granted by Erasmus+ programme, accommodation, food and participation fee are paid for all the participants, as well as travel expenses (up to a certain limit established by Erasmus+).

These limits are:
– Slovenia, Montenegro and Kosovo*: 180 euros
– Italy: 275 euros
– Portugal: 360 euros
– Serbia: 20 euros



Agoraveiro – NGO

Phone: 00351234482575

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Natasa Golosin


Kosovo UN1244 (*not recognized by some countries)

Training Course. Coaching for Change. Armenia

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Training Course: Coaching for Change Revision

Dates: 28 October 2017 – 27 May 2018

Venue: Armenia

Eligible are 30 participants coming from: Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden

Application deadline: 6th October 2017

Coaching for Change Revision aims at building competences for youth empowerment through coaching techniques in order to address all the mentioned issues and to build a stable and productive co-working platform for educators.


Historically, young people have faced social exclusion, and the recent economic downturn has prompted high unemployment, which particularly effects the younger generation.

However, some disadvantaged groups of young people face exclusion in the longer term for reasons beyond the current crisis. Remaining outside the global labor market has far-reaching consequences – not solely economic.

These include a loss of confidence, an undermining of trust and expectations, and an increasing risk of social exclusion and disengagement from society.

Apart from the economic crisis there are other issues that affect youth and lead to political crisis. Global threats such as terroristic attacks and armed conflicts caused a huge refugee and migration wave in Europe. These and many other factors stipulate the increase of intolerance, xenophobia, violence, conflicts oriented by cultural fears, numerous stereotypes and prejudices, intercultural misunderstanding, inability to think critically and lack of intercultural competence in general.

Young people are more than others affected by those issues, especially being in a situation of current economic crisis. They feel afraid, they are frustrated, they don’t know what to feel and how to react, as a result they become either inactive or join the extremist movements, and they definitely need to be supported in this hard situation by adults, by peers, by educational institutions, by NGOs and by policy makers.

We see youth empowerment as an attitudinal, structural and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority, and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults.

Coaching for Change Revision aims at building competences for youth empowerment through coaching techniques in order to address all the mentioned issues and to build a stable and productive co-working platform for educators. We see coaching as an essential youth worker’s skill, as you will be able to use your competences in many youth work areas such as learning for success, employability and entrepreneurship, inspirational leadership, as well as in building soft skills such as efficient communication, self-esteem and networking.

We’d like to carry out this project as the revision of TC Coaching for Change (January 29 – February 6, 2016, Yerevan Armenia) as it was very successful and we realized the great need and interest in this topic (we received more than 300 applications) among young people.

This LTTC will consist of 2 stages:

First 7+2-days TC will take place in Armenia in 28 October – 05 November 2017, and will focus on mastering the skills in coaching, reflection on the practical phase and experimenting with different models, instruments and tools.

The second TC will take place in Russia in 19 – 27 May 2018, and will aim at getting the participants acquainted with principles of coaching. After that TC we expect them to try coaching in their local work, and to share the results with us and peer learners during the on-line phase.

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

Board and lodging of the participants will be fully covered by the organisers. All participants will be accommodated in a room for 3-4 people max. Three meals a day and coffee breaks will be provided in the whole duration of the activity.

For the travel costs:

Armenia – 0
Luxembourg – 530
Russian Federation – 275
Belarus – 275
Georgia – 50
Hungary – 360
Sweden – 360
Czech Republic – 360
Netherlands – 530
Norway – 530
Denmark – 360

Participation fee: 50 EUR




Foreign Students of Luxembourg – NGO


Academy of innovation – NGO


Phone: 00374 98 399712

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Seda Harutyunyan


Training Course. Training for Trainers. Russian Federation

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Training Course: Training for Trainers (Beginners)

Dates: 22-29 October 2017

Venue: Moscow, Russian Federation

Eligible are 12 participants coming from: Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme countries, Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU, Other countries in the world

Application deadline: 30th September 2017

We invite youth workers and youth leaders who would like to learn how to become a youth trainer to join the course – Training for Trainers.

General Description

Have you ever considered becoming a trainer and conducting trainings for youth? If so – then The Netherlands School for Innovative Education invites you to join the training for trainers where you will receive knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional trainer! The event is meant for youth workers who do not have any training experience or have only minimal experience in conducting trainings.

Conducting training might seem an easy but those who have done it – they know for sure – conducting a good training is an art! In order to be successful trainer you need to gain specific knowledge and skills. Where acquire this knowledge? How to develop those skills? During this course will share all that with you.

The training covers the following topics:
Coach work – what does it mean – being a coach? Participants will know about the features of this work and how to become a great trainer.

Coach skills – participants will learn the skills necessary to become a successful trainer.
Resources for trainers – where coaches can find examples of trainings, where they can find needed tools other useful information essential for providing a high-quality training? Participants will be given information about the resources for trainers.

Job market for trainers – participants will learn about the working opportunities for trainers: where and how trainers can look for jobs as a trainer; how trainers can find the trainings to conduct; how to position yourself on a market in order to find customers and other topics related to job opportunities for trainers.

Practice – participants will have workshops where they will put theory into life.
Session is based upon participants’ request – we would like to create the course as interactive as possible therefore we leave the room to conduct the sessions according your ideas. Please, let us know which topics you would like to cover and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.
This course is the way to make the first step on your training path! If you did not know where to start with – this event is a great opportunity to do that! After this course you will have a clear idea about the steps of becoming a successful coach.

Though the event aims on preparing the trainers for youth projects, we believe gained skills and knowledge could be also successfully applied in different fields of trainings such as business trainings, trainings on personal development. We believe successful youth trainers can develop themselves in the future and apply their knowledge in different fields.

The event is organized by the Netherlands Institute of Business. We are regularly organizing trainings and study programs in Amsterdam, Moscow and other locations. We are open for cooperation with new trainers. Therefore, we would be happy to invite successful alumni of our courses to join our team as trainers for our future projects! If you are interested – feel free to send us an email with your interest after the course!

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This project is NOT financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

The fee for the course is 490 euro. The fee includes:

The program of the course (including all necessary study materials)
The accommodation (in the comfortable training center in Moscow)
Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee-breaks)
Transportation (pick-up from the airport upon arrival, drop-off at the airport upon departure)
Visa invitation (which you will need to bring to the Russian Consulate in order to apply for a visa)

Unfortunately we are not able to provide any scholarships.



The Netherlands Institute of Business – NGO

Phone: +31 30 879 50 55

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Valeriya Kiseleva


More details about the course and the organizer

Training Course. Energy Efficient Baled Straw Ecological House. Serbia

Related imageTraining Course: Energy Efficient Baled Straw Ecological House

Dates: 15-22 July 2017

Venue: Sabac, Serbia

Eligible are participants coming from: Greece

and Involves 24 participants coming from: Serbia, Italy, FYROM, Albania, Czech Republic, Romania & Turkey

Application deadline: 10th June 2017

The main aim of this long-term Erasmus+ project is acquiring knowledge and skills to participants about using ecological materials in construction and architecture, about energy efficiency and cheaper construction and decreasing amount of organic waste in nature.


What we want to achieve with Activity 2 is to raise awareness of participants about environmentally friendly materials used in construction and EU experience based energy efficiency. During first day we will get to know everything about this project. Four days in a row, we will be at the sight of the House, where we will see how the house is going to be built.

What we have managed to achieve with Activity 1 is to raise awareness of participants about environmentally friendly materials & sustainability. In the first two days the participants will have the opportunity to meet each other and present the work of their organizations.

During the third day participants will be introduced to the broader issues of environmental protection, ecology and climate change using methods of non-formal education. The fourth day we will spend on a study visit with the idea of presentation to the participants examples of good practices in state institutions and local NGOs.

The entire fifth day is scheduled for work and the final drafting of the final product of this project activity (ebook of essays). In the next three days (sixth, seventh and eighth day) participants will be able to familiarize themselves with the Erasmus+ program opportunities after which it will begin concrete work on the creation of new project ideas preparing to apply for the next term in the Erasmus+ program.

On the last day of this activity participants will be introduced with Youthpass certificate and will be made the final evaluation of the complete second activity. Eighth day afternoon is scheduled for formal completion of this activity and the return of participants

Working language:

English – all participants must be able to actively communicate using English language

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

– Being selected for this course, accommodation and lodging (breakfast-lunch and dinner) will be 100% covered by the host organisation. 100% for travel cost (maximum amount see down).

Transport: 100% covered by the Erasmus+ program, within following limits:

Greece: 275 Euro/participant. Participants who will exceed this travel cost, will be charged the additional cost

Participation fee 40 euro per participant. The fee will be deposited after succesful selection of the candidates (non-refundable in case of cancellation).




YiA 18, in partnership with European Centre for Ecology – NGO

Youth in Advance 18

Phone:+30 693

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

YiA 18


Working language: English

Profile of participants: Motivated young people, residening in Greece.

E-learning online training course. Youth worker. Romania

Youth worker – E-learning online training course

Dates: 10 March – 30 April 2017

Venue: Online, Romania

Eligible are 100 participants coming from: Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme countriesPartner Countries Neighbouring the EU

Application deadline: 22nd February 2017

Are you interested in the YOUTH WORKER world? Then we are here to guide you through the basics of what a Youth Worker can do.You will be able to explore the content at your own pace: watch short movies, read the content, work in groups or play short games
Youth worker – online training course

General Description

Are you interested in the YOUTH WORKER world? Would you like to learn some basics in this area? Then we are here to provide you with the opportunity to do it from the comfort of your own living room.

You will be able to connect with people from different countries and learn at your own pace. The online course we offer will allow you to read the content, watch short movies, work in groups or play short games and quizzes.

Do you want to know more? Here is some relevant information.

The course is open for participants from Programme and Partner countries of E+.
Programme countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, FYROM, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Turkey.

Objectives of the course – key elements
During this course we will support your acquisition of the following skills:
– Understand the youth work profession and other related professions;
– Recognise different forms of learning and efficiently use non-formal education tools;
– Describe multiple intelligences and adapt the learning methods used accordingly;
– Use efficient communication methods and thus easily overcome communication barriers;
– Identify conflict management techniques;
– Summarise and make the most of the benefits of group dynamics;
– Virtually exercise cooperation inside a community.

Topics covered
We will cover some main elements in the following areas: the youth worker profession, a short history of youth work, responsibilities of a youth worker in Erasmus+ programme, group dynamics, communication, types of intelligences, learning, motivation, goals, indicators, learning styles, experiential learning, learning diaries, managing diversity, conflict management, personal and professional plan, SMARTERS objectives, cooperation inside a community, informing young people and non formal learning.

Learning tools:
You will use different learning essentials during the course, including the following ones: online textbooks, workshops, peer evaluation, challenges – missions, short games, group tasks, short movies, supplementary bibliography, quizzes etc.

You will need between 32 to 50 hours (4-6 hours/week) to complete the course, depending on your study pace, as well. You can choose your own study period within the general course period proposed: March-April 2017.

When you have fulfilled the basic requirements, you will get a course attendance certificate.

The course will be available in English and in Romanian.

Basic – Intermediate

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Our course is free of charge for the participants, thanks to the funds from Erasmus+ programme and the efforts made by the team of the project.




The suitcase, the map and the voyage of a youth worker – NGO

Phone: 0040722977094

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Training Course: Youth Work in the Digital Age

Dates: 4-11 November 2016

Venue: Cornwall, United Kingdom

Eligible are 28 participants coming from: Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 15th September 2016

Youth Work in the Digital Age” is a training course concentrates on the European Union Youth Strategy, focusing on investing in the skills employers look for, such as entrepreneurship and organizational skills.


This project will be implemented by Cultivate Cornwall CIC. The training course “Youth Work in the Digital Age” will take place in Cornwall, United Kingdom and take 7 days in November and it will involve Youth workers from 7 different countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey and United Kingdom).

“Youth Work in the Digital Age” is a training course concentrates on the European Union Youth Strategy, focusing on investing in skills employers look for, such as entrepreneurship and organizational skills. Main activities of the course are related to using and managing ICT (Information and Communication Tools), developing youth entrepreneurship and promoting quality of their work.

By merging knowledge from different sources and applying active work methods, such as workshops, working in groups and presentations, the organisers would like to improve participants’ competences and develop a broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in education, to make them more employable.

The project will improve participants’ knowledge of usage of digital tools to increase participants’ skills related to marketing and digital technology; provide greater understanding of the labour market and increase opportunities for young people’s career development.

A deeper familiarization with interconnections between formal and non-formal education, better knowledge of global fundraising tools and wider understanding of cultural diversity are other outcomes that come from the course.

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.


During the project three-time meal and accommodation will be provided and paid by the coordinator organization. Accommodation will be placed in Eden Project

Travel Cost Reimbursement Rules
-Travel cost will be reimbursed under the rules and limits.
All rules you can find in infopack

Reimbursement Method
We need to receive all travel document (tickets, boarding passes, invoices …) after We will reimburse you by bank transfer

Participation fee is 0 Euro but if group want to additional trip we will organize by on your expenses

	Free shipping




Cultivate Cornwall CIC – NGO

Phone: 0776

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloads: InfoPack.pdf

Contact for questions: