Erasmus+ 2014-2020


Participating countries

Erasmus+ is open to a number of countries across Europe and beyond.

EU organisations receive Erasmus+ funding to work with partners in other countries to deliver their projects. These countries are referred to as participating countries and are divided into two groups:

  • Programme Countries
  • Partner Countries

Programme Countries

The following countries, including the Overseas Countries and Territories of EU Member State countries, can fully take part in all Erasmus+ actions:

Erasmus Programme Countries

Non-EU Programme Countries

former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia





Partner Countries

The following countries can take part in certain Actions under Erasmus+, subject to specific criteria or conditions. Further information on this criteria can be found in the Programme Guide.

Partner Countries neighbouring the EU

Western Balkans:

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia

Eastern Partnership Countries:

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Territory of Ukraine as recognised by international law

South-Mediterranean countries:

Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia

Russian Federation:

Territory of Russia as recognised by international law

Other Partner Countries

All other countries in the world are able to participate in some Actions under Erasmus+ but only under certain circumstances. This includes the new International Credit Mobility activity for higher education. Detailed criteria for eligibility can be found under each Action in the Programme Guide.

52 thoughts on “Erasmus+

  1. Mira Najjar

    My name is Mira.I’m 21 years old. I’m from Israel. and I dont belong to any erasmus program or organization but i would like to be a part in the erasmus youth organization. but i dont have any idea how to do this !!
    it will be my pleasure if you helped me joining this great programs !


    1. Traveller Post author

      Hello dear Mira,

      thank you for your interest to contact us! My suggestion is that you will have to make a research upon available youth organisations, at your hometown.
      There shall be youth-workers who would be interested to assist you, towards this direction.

      Kind regards,

      The YiA 18 team

  2. Vijaylaxmi

    Hey this is Vijaylaxmi from India and it would be a great pleasure for me to grab this opportunity but I couldn’t find name of my country anywhere can u help me out the procedure to apply .

  3. Enea Zhuleku

    Hello there, I am a student from Albania. How can I apply to this Erasmus programm. Any help of you is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Traveller Post author

      hello, thank you for contacting us! Feel free to submit your application form, as it is indicated into the
      published, ”call for applicants”. Regards.

  4. Nato

    I am Nato from Georgia. Currently I am studying my bachelor’s degree in Hungary. I saw that my country is in the list of partner countries. I would like to take part in the conference” Creating a social and fair Europe for all young people” in Düsseldorf, Germany. I am a bit confused, I have never take part in Erasmus programs and in that case who should I ask for assistance, Georgia or Hungary? As before apply, application form requires to contact Erasmus in my residence country about travelling cost reimbursement and so on. I would be glad if you can help me

    1. Traveller Post author

      Hello dear thank you for your interest to contact me. As long as you are currently residing into EU, you shall appeal to the Hungarian Erasmus+ youth structures. Regards!

  5. Glykeria Gouvatsou

    I am Glykeria, a state school teacher from Greece.
    Since it is such an important topic, is this training addressed only to young people or to people who work with young people too?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Traveller Post author

      Hello thank you for your interest to contact our website. Erasmus+ youth programme, addresses youth issues, thus it shall be open for all those interested youth-workers. Kind regards!

  6. Laureta

    My name is Laureta and i wanted to know about Kosova’s involvement on Erasmus’ projects , in particular “No Hate” Training Course.
    Thank you for your time!
    Best regards,

  7. Matheus

    I’m Brazilian but currently living in Greece through Erasmus Mundus programme, a Erasmus+ inniciative. Am I able to apply to the training course in Norway?
    Kind regards,

    1. Traveller Post author

      Hello. Thank you for your interest to contact our website. This project, in Norway is coordinated by a consortium of National Agencies.
      We are promoting it, as an example of good practises.

      Kind regards!

  8. sammy

    Hello ,,

    Please i am a nigerian but currently living and also studying full time degree program in bulgaria . I want to know if i am eligible to participate in your erasmus+ programmes / if yes which ones can i participate with please ??

    Are there other specific requirements ? I do hope to hear from you soonest .

    Thank you

  9. Sylvanus Hughes


    My name is Sylvanus Hughes from Sierra Leone, Co founder and Director of Admin and Operations. We work toward ensuring the empowerment and development of young people to be better leaders of tomorrow. May I know how I can be eligible to apply for such program?

    1. Traveller Post author

      Hello. Thank you for your comment. There are several opportunities, for participants who are interested to participate, coming from Europe or neighbouring countries. Kind regards.

  10. Oni Oladapo Isaac

    My name is Oni Oladapo Isaac, doctoral student of Univetsity of Ibadan, Nigeria with keen interest in migration issues. Please, I want to find out my eligibility in attending this programme.


    ASSOCIATION SOCIETY SCHOOL WITHOUT BORDERS ALBERTO is an NGO which would like to promote active citizenship and participation of
    young people in all aspects of society. We encourage young people to participate in European
    projects as we recognise the immensely powerful way they are able to help young people people to
    improve themselves. Several young people make up this organisation from different cultural,
    economic and social backgrounds that need support in being active young people. The age of our
    target group is a diverse between 13-30 years old. The organisation was formed in 2013, first as an
    informal group but now developed into a stable NGO at a fundamental stage in its development.

  12. khatia tabatadze

    hello, i am Khatia from Georgia, I want to participate in this conference and i am interested if the costs will be reimbursed?

  13. Sulaiman

    Hi I am Sulaiman from Afghanistan. Am I eligible to apply?

    I dont see Afghanistan in the above list.


  14. Roushan Negeda

    I’m Roushan a 23 year old medical student from Egypt and I am interested in attending the One 2 One course taking place in Hungary but I don’t know if we have an Erasmus place in my country so I can contact them to apply if you could please tell me how can I find the na responsible to contact

  15. Mamud

    my name is Mamud. a Gambian by nationality and residing in Gambia. am a youth activist an a Red cross volunteer who’s aims is to work with youths and community leaders to promote capacity building, entrepreneurship,social works and voluntarily service etc in our communities.
    I didn’t belongs to any Erasmus+ organization and would be very delited to attend one.

    1. Traveller Post author

      Thank you for your interest to contact our website. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity yet, to support any bilateral project with Gambia.
      Kind regards.

  16. Matei Nicoleta Diana

    I work with young people aged up to 15 years. They are wonderful, have beautiful ideas. I participated in activities within European projects. thank you for this opportunity.
    I want to participate.
    Diana Matei

  17. Hugo Ribeiro

    Hello there! I really love your project, as a person that loves music and is studying and playing guitar, from Portugal, 34 years old, am I allowed to participate? I made some Gruntvig, Evs, Youth in action programs in the past!

  18. Margaret

    Hi, I’m from Ukraine and I would like to go to the Training Course: EUtopia?- Diversity in Changing Europe, taking place in Riga, but I’m not quite sure whether my country belongs to the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme countries or it’s just a partner country?

  19. Nistha

    Hi, I am Nistha from Nepal. I am a student of sociology and I wanted to know if there is any program from my country, does Nepal belong to Erasmus + partner countries?

    Thank you in advance.

  20. Konstantina Choumi

    Hello, I am a student in the Executive Diploma /Hotel & Tourism Management of the Mediterranean College of Greece, Head of an Information Centre of a National Park and a volunteer manager of the Cultural Museum of Tzoumerka / Epirus / Greece.

    How can I apply the “University Study Visit: Youth and Community Work in Scotland”;

    Thanks for your time!

  21. Adela

    I’m from Azerbaijan and can I apply? I’ve attended to Youth in action projects and I’ve done EVS.

  22. Adela

    My name is Adela. I am from Azerbaijan and can I apply? I’ve attended to Youth in action programs and did EVS.


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