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Training Course: Mobility Taster for Inclusion Organisations

Dates: 4-8 June 2018

Venue: Austria

Eligible are 25 participants coming from: Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme countries

Application deadline: 20th April 2018

ATTENTION: German speaking seminar!

Did you know you can organise international youth projects for your young people from disadvantaged backgrounds? Come and discover what Erasmus+ Youth can do for you!

General Description

Get a Taste of Youth Mobility Projects

In only 3 working days, we show you IN German the possibilities Erasmus+ Youth has to offer for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. An international youth project (youth exchange, volunteering,…) might just be the life-changing opportunity for the disadvantaged young people you are working with: e.g. those from minority backgrounds, with additional needs, with socio-economic difficulties, discriminated groups, those in difficult situations, with limited opportunities…

This Mobility Taster course gives you concrete examples of what is possible, brings you in contact with other inclusion youth organisations, shows you what funding is available specifically for youth inclusion projects and walks you step-by-step through the process in case you would like to give it a try.

Who is the Course for?

  • This course is for Newcomers to Erasmus+ Youth (e.g. youth workers, social workers,…) who are directly working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds (e.g. facing social, economic, educational, geographic, cultural, health & disability challenges).
  • If you never organised an international youth project with your target group before and would like to know what is possible, then this course is for you!
  • If you already organised mobility projects for young people, please check the European Training Calendar for a more appropriate youth work training because this Mobility Taster is for Newcomers
  • This course is NOT for school-related activities such as school exchanges or projects for pupils (please contact the Lifelong Learning colleagues of Erasmus+ for this).

This course welcomes candidates with special needs (e.g. health conditions, disability, single mothers,…) and can fund travel & lodging for personal assistants of selected participants (contact SALTO Inclusion tony@salto-youth.net regarding support possibilities).

How to Apply:
Before applying, check briefly with the Erasmus+ Youth National Agency in your country if they can send you to the Mobility Taster course in Austria from 4 to 8 June 2018 (and reimburse your travel)
– If so, register online: Submit your application form
– Selected participants will get travel, food & lodging in twin rooms paid. You might be asked for a small contribution towards the costs (ask your NA).

Register for the SALTO Inclusion newsletter or follow the SALTO Inclusion & Diversity Facebook page to be informed of future Mobility Tasters. Or keep an eye on the European Training Calendar.

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered by the NAs or SALTO involved in this project – except a participation fee which varies from call to call and country to country.

Please contact your Erasmus+ Youth in Action NA to learn more about the financial details, and how to arrange the booking of your travel tickets and the reimbursement of your travel expenses.

Note to NAs: this activity is financed with TCA 2018




NA Austria – Interkulturelles Zentrum – National Agency


SALTO Inclusion

NA Germany – Jugend für Europa – National Agency

Phone: N/A

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Stephanie Auzinger

E-Mail: stephanie.auzinger@iz.or.at

Before applying please contact the NA of your residence country to check if it is involved in this concrete project and committed to cover travel costs. NB! Learn about possible participation fee and other relevant rules.

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Training Course: Civil Courage against Discrimination – CCaD

Dates: 15-22 April 2018

Venue: Rome, Italy

Eligible are 24 participants coming from: Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Romania

Application deadline: 29th March 2018

The general aim of the CCaD training course is to promote in our societies a positive approach and attitude towards the inclusion of young migrant women, and to equip youth workers with new competences and methods, such as civil courage approaches.

General Description

The general aim of the CCaD training course is to promote in our societies a positive approach and attitude towards the inclusion of young migrant women.

Through its implementation, we would like to achieve the following specific objectives:

• To favour the inclusion of young migrant women over 18 in our societies overcoming stereotypes and prejudices
• Equipping youth workers with instruments and competences to favour the inclusion of young migrant women
• To develop civil courage skills to contrast discrimination practices at local level
• To exchange good practices on the inclusion of young migrant women, creating local networks to support it.

The project CCaD will contribute to the awareness raising of participants and their organisations to sensitive issues related to young migrant women across Europe.

Through the training course we will equip youth workers with competences and new methods, such as civil courage approaches, to be used in their work and local environment for contrasting discrimination against young migrant women and to favour their inclusion.

	Free shipping



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

• It is important to participate in the training course from the beginning till the end. No late arrivals and early departures.
• There is a contribution fee of 60,00€ for each participant that will be deducted from the travel costs. Let me know, if the fee might be a problem for you.

• The organizer will arrange board and lodging, content of the training course, materials.
• The organizer will reimburse travel costs to participants after they complete the course and upon receiving their boarding passes.

The reimbursement will follow Erasmus+ lump sum rules: 275,00€ for participants from Austria, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey and 360,00€ for participants from Estonia.




AFSAI – Associazione per la Formazione, gli Scambi e le Attività Interculturali – NGO

Phone: +39 06 5370332

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloads: InfoPack Civil Courage against Discrimination.pdf

Contact for questions:

Luisa Pagano

E-Mail: l.pagano@afsai.it

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Training Course: Supporting Youth to Act Local, be Social

Dates: 26 May – 2 June 2018

Venue: Woodrow High House, London, United Kingdom

Eligible are 32 participants coming from: Bulgaria, FYROM, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 18th March 2018

Training course for youth workers to equip them with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to support the young people they work with to run a social action campaign, to change the issues that affect them most.

General Description

Project Objectives:
 Learn how to tackle various indicators of inequality and under representation within your work, passing on this attitude to the young people you work with

 Reflect on and discuss issues of identity and community, to learn and collaborate together on local and wider issues that affect young people in your localities

 Develop resilience to various risks or challenges when supporting young people to undertake social action of their own in future
 Develop networks to be able to continue to catalyse positive change in your communities, through leadership, volunteering and civic participation

 Increase the professional development of youth workers across Europe to be able to address issues that affect young people

The training course will take place over one week, 6 days of training with one afternoon ‘free’. It will be an intense programme, and some activities will take place in the evening after dinner, so applicants must be available for the entire duration.

The prospective participants (32 in total) should:
– Be youth workers, leader’s coordinators, facilitators and trainers from active NGOs or public bodies that have mission and objectives that are related to social change.
– Have an idea about what issues affect young people where they work and have the desire to help change negative experiences into positive ones
– Understand the importance of equality, inclusion, anti-discrimination
– Be open to meeting new people from different countries and spending an intense period of time together, motivated and dedicated to learn and contribute to the training course
– Be willing and ready to share the outcomes of the training course with their young people, their local region and further if possible, by undertaking certain dissemination activities
– Be at least 18 years old
– Have at least medium level of English comprehension (to be able to participate in discussion and in training activities)
– The participants should be resident (living in) of one of following countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, FYROM, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, UK

We welcome applications from people with physical and learning disabilities, Black and minority ethnic / people of colour, LGBTQ+ folk, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, women and marginalised genders. If you require support in completing the application or wish to access it in a different format (i.e. large print, verbal), have any questions, queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Creative Opportunities or the partner organisation in your country.

It is also helpful if you contact the local partner organisation in the country you live to tell them you are interested in applying. Click the link next to the logo on the Recruitment Call document for their contact.

Please note we will prioritize applicants who are selected by the partner organisations of this project. If places are filled before the stated deadline we will let people know who have applied.

For more information please send us an email below. We suggest that you read the information presented in the call beforehand and make sure you are completely able to commit to the timeframe.

	Free shipping



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

– Accommodation, food, refreshments, course materials – 100% covered
– Travel costs will be reimbursed fully up to the stated amount per country (see attached recruitment sheet for details) in EUR€**
– Visa costs for participants who are coming from / nationals of FYROM or Turkey will be reimbursed up to EUR 400€ per participant. This can include travel to get your visa.

Erasmus+ is a co-funded project, and so to ensure all the quality conditions for an impactful training are met we ask that each participant contributes €40.

The participation fee can be discussed case by case if some participants are paying more than the limit for travel mentioned before or experience difficult financial situation. The participation fee will be taken off the travel reimbursement amount.




Creative Opportunities – NGO

Phone: 0044 7946494021

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloads: InfoPack Supportin Youth to Act Local.pdf

Contact for questions:

Leila Usmani

E-Mail: leila@creativeopportunities.co.uk

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Training Course: Battling homophobia and bullying among youth

Dates: 6-15 April 2018

Venue: Novi Sad, Serbia

Eligible are 24 participants coming from: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Serbia

Application deadline: 21st March 2018

The training course “Battling homophobia and bullying among youth” will be held in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia, 6th-15th April 2018.

General Description

LGBT youth suffers homophobia, violence and lack of solidarity from their peers nor their teachers during their schooling period.

Attempts of LGBT and Human rights organization in Serbia to tackle this problem wasn’t fruitful, because for any activities in schools one needs special permission form the Ministry of Education, that wasn’t willing to cooperate on these issues.

Similar situation regarding homophobia, bullying and violence in schools is present in Bosnia and Herzegovina and partially in Croatia, and with this project we will exchange experiences and knowledge, and find alternative ways in solving these issues, especially in cooperation with our partners from Germany.

Although mechanism for protection of individuals against discrimination exist (on different levels in our countries and in Europe in general) there should be more activities aiming on supporting the individuals in threat of discrimination and violence, but also aiming at the mainstream youth in order to raise their understanding and level of tolerance.

We are proposing another way of solving this problem through the network of Youth organizations and organizations working with Youth.

	Free shipping



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

The organisers cover accommodation, three meals and two coffee breaks.

Travel costs will be reimbursed only for the cheapest way of transport and preferably for the return tickets. Travel expenses are covered by the organizers up to the maximum allowance per distance calculator and means of travel (for all the original tickets and ways of travel that are plane, bus, train or ferry, NOT taxi and NOT car).

Maximum travel expense reimbursement per participant per country, including all incurred costs and bank fees:

Germany – 275 euro
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia – 180 euro
Serbia – 20 euro

There is no participation fee.




Regionalni Info Centar – NGO

Co-organizer: Outreach Hannover e.V. – NGO

Phone: +381 64 1427840

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloads: Battling Homophobia & Bullying.pdf

Contact for questions:

Predrag Azdejković

E-Mail: gayecho@gmail.com

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Training Course: Enriching and increasing fundraising for youth work on inclusion

Dates: 21-29 April 2018

Venue: Mali Iđoš, Vojvodina, Serbia

Eligible are 24 participant coming from: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYROM, Germany, Italy, KOSOVO*, Montenegro, Serbia, Sweden

Application deadline: 28th February 2018

The main themes of the project are focused on raising European awareness of the realities and possibilities for more inclusive society in the anti-discrimination youth projects with marginalised groups, against social exclusion.

General Description

The main themes of the project are focused on raising European awareness of the realities and possibilities for more inclusive society in the anti-discrimination youth projects with marginalised groups, against social exclusion.

This project is about fundraising from different sources, some of them being European level ones. We will be exploring different European level (Community) funding programmes available for social inclusion acceptance of diversity projects.

Through this project, we would like to raise awareness of youth workers about different European programmes related to EU social policies and how efficient networking with other similar organisations throughout Europe can increase quality, impact and sustainability of their work for more inclusive society.

	Free shipping




Centar za jačanje civilnog društva – NGO


Outreach Hannover e.V. – NGO

Phone: +381658181454

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloads: InfoPack Increasing Fundraising for Youth Work.pdf

Contact for questions:

Pavle Jevđić

Website: https://cjcd.org


E-Mail: FRplus@cjcd.org

Kosovo UN1244 (*not recognized by some countries)

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Training Course: Digitale

Dates: 5-18 September 2018

Venue: Homade (Brivezac), France

Eligible are 24 participant coming from: Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal

Application deadline: 20th March 2018

‘Digitale’ will bring 24 youth workers and young leaders together to explore the concept of digital storytelling and the positive impact it can have when used as a method of working with queer youth to promote diversity and inclusion.

General Description

Working with queer youth is a very sensitive topic that requires especially careful approaches and methods which can provide a safe space for young people to express their problems and needs without a fear of being judged or misunderstood.

In vast majority of cases marginalised youngsters are facing various discriminations and challenges in their daily lives, hence there is a great need to give them an opportunity to talk and reflect on the emotions and problems they are going through, and at the same time to encourage them to focus on expressing themselves and exploring their identity.

Although the majority of the organisations active in the field fully acknowledge the importance of the above described problem, in many cases they are still lacking proper tools and methods to tackle the issue in a more innovative and creative manner that could bring greater benefits to the young people they work with.

‘Digitale’ aims at gathering 24 youth workers and young leaders from various European countries (France, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal and Germany) and presenting them the concept of digital storytelling.

Participants will have a chance to explore the positive impact it can have when used as a method of working with queer youth and the general audience, to promote diversity and inclusion.

Digital storytelling is based on the assumption that every person has a unique story to be told and shared with the others. It is a modern extension of the art of storytelling that has been an important part of social interactions since the very birth of humanity.

However, in the modern world where we people are constantly exposed to the flood of information, we tend to forget how reflecting on personal experiences and sharing them with others can be beneficial for one’s personal development.

Digital storytelling is the concept that combines two crucial aspects – the power of creating personal narratives and our modern need to “go digital”, giving people a chance to tell their stories in a creative way that involves using their digital skills.

Therefore, ‘Digitale’ aims to offer alternative sources of expression for queer youth by exploring digital storytelling with youth workers using photo, video, sound design, editing, script writing, storytelling and social media strategies.

	Free shipping



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered.

Travel reimbursement up to the following amounts:

travelling from France – 180 EUR,

from Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria and Denmark – 275 EUR.

There is a 50 EUR participation fee, taken from the travel reimbursement (which also grants you with a Nomadways annual membership).




Nomadways – NGO

Phone: 00 48 574 184 867

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Karolina Ufa

E-Mail: karolina@nomadways.eu

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Conference: Marginalization and Ostracism of the Roma in the past and today

Dates: 25-28 April 2018

Venue: FYROM

Eligible are 25 participant coming from: Albania, Austria, Belgium – DE, Belgium – FL, Belgium – FR, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, FYROM, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 4th March 2018

Knowledge of the history of Europe is necessary to be able to interpret the different perceptions of current events. The knowledge that the citizens should acquire in order to be aware of a relationship between current events and processes in the past is not primarily based on simple facts and dates but also on knowledge of basic structures, the economic and social situation, and political systems.

General Description

International conference

In many totalitarian countries minorities were not considered of the perfect race, or did not fit into the ideology of the totalitarian societies. The Roma were seen by the Nazis as being inferior, they were not as good a human being as the superior race and in October 1939 all Roma were ordered to be sent to concentration camps.

During this period, Roma were subjected to genocide and totally denied of their civil rights. All these years, it was not spoken much about the Roma and Sinti Holocaust during the World War II. Discrimination against them and violation of their rights are still prevalent in today’s Europe.


As a final project event it will reflect upon the already done activities. International and local activities related to the topic within and outside the project will be presented as good practices. On the other hand input by trainers, expert is expected to give introduction to the Roma Holocaust and HRE topic.

The methodology is based on NFE methods: using manuals such as: Right to Remember, T-Kit-Social Inclusion, Compass etc. groups work, brainstorming, wall writing, association game, discussion, debate, simulation, audiovisual techniques.

The project gives a high priority to youth participation from the preparatory to the evaluation process, in particular that the participants can shape the program based on their own needs and interests.

Aim & Objectives

The aim of the training is to raise awareness about the Roma Holocaust and Human Rights Education stimulating the critical thinking and debate of young people, their reflection and understanding of history and antigipsysm.

To reach the general aim of the TC, the objectives are:
• Raise involvement of Roma and non-Roma citizens in European debate on Roma
• Sent key points to the stakeholders: Roma civic and democratic participation is
necessary for greater Roma inclusion and better future perspectives in Europe
• Roma and non-Roma volunteers and activists, sharing their grassroots engagement
and practices;
• Build alliances of Roma organizations to the established stakeholders

Profile of the Participants

Present will be Roma and non-Roma youth leaders, activists, multipliers, and volunteers who are working with young and/or Roma youth.

Participants must also:

• be familiar with the situation and challenges of the Roma community in their country
• be motivated to develop their competences in advocacy, anti-discrimination work, human rights and to share their experiences with other participants
• be aged 18 –
• be committed to attend for the full duration of the course
• be able to work in English
• be resident in one of the EU countries, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia.

	Free shipping



This project is NOT financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

The organizers cover the costs for accommodation, board and any program-related costs. Travel costs are reimbursed during the seminar or afterwards by bank transfer based on a fully presented travel reimbursement claim (flight bookings, boarding tickets, invoices, bus/train tickets), based on the cheapest means and up to a certain amount:

– Western Europe max. 250 Euro,
– Central and Eastern Europe max 200 €;
– Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina: return bus ticket price

Cheaper tickets will be one of the criteria in selection process.

There is no participation fee.




Roma Youth Center – NGO

Phone: +38971376260

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloads: InfoPack Marginalization & Ostracism.pdf

Contact for questions:

Anife Sabedinovska

E-Mail: info.marandost@gmail.com