8Mother Teresa established orphanages and schools for poor children in India. Ten years after she got the Nobel peace prize, the Assembly of the United Nations accepted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This document bans child labor, arranged marriages and makes elementary education mandatory.

9Mahatma (means High Soul) Gandhi is the father of non-violent movements. He experienced oppression in South Africa and India too. He taught civil disobedience to people: not to pay taxes and to ignore British economic system. He was committed advocate of religious reconciliation. He never got Nobel peace prize because of political reasons.


10Due to technical development the wars became more and more destructive. This issue brought International Red Cross to life. The organization operates in peace and in war as well, their principles are impartiality, humanity, universality and volunteering. The Red Cross initiated the Geneva Conventions that protects the rights of prisoners of war, the wounded and civilians in wartime.


11The word suffragette means the right to vote. The suffragette movement broke out in the UK where the authorities scorned the women activists with that name. The activists chained themselves in public, burned mailboxes, accepted imprisonment and made hunger strikes. New-Zealand was the first country which gave voting right to women.


12Prophet Muhammad wrote about what a faithful Muslim should do. The Quran says that a Muslim should donate to the poor, wishes the same for him/herself as to others and believes that an act should be judged by the purpose.


13World War II ruined half of the world, especially Europe and South-East-Asia. World leaders created United Nations and Council of Europe due to this shock. These organizations aimed to solve conflicts peacefully, with international agreements. The UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10th of December 1948.


14The status of black people was not been resolved with the ban of slavery. In South Africa the government enforced the apartheid system, which divided the society into 4 groups. Nelson Mandela and his companions fought for equal rights for almost 50 years.  Meanwhile in the USA reverend Martin Luther King Jr. struggled nonviolently for the civil rights of African-American people.


15The ideas of global responsibility, environmentalism and sustainable development gain more and more attention worldwide. The Kyoto Protocol regulates the emission of greenhouse gases. Fair Trade is an operating alternative worldwide commercial network. Wangari Maathai got Nobel peace prize for combating desertification.

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