In 2009, the very first training course ‘The Power of Non Formal Education’ was launched. A course which focuses clearly on the use/underuse/abuse of the power youth workers, youth leaders, teacher and other stakeholders within the youth field have. The clear focus on self-questioning instead of merely delivering pedagogical tools, turned this training course into a particular strong process for the participants involved. Where for some it was an introduction into the field of Non Formal Education, for people with (extensive) experience it became often a turning point in their daily practice.

This booklet is composed with some testimonies that previous participants have send us back. We have selected only few for this electronic publication.


Between 2009 and 2013:

  •  37 countries involved
  •  294 youth workers and youth leaders followed this training course
  •  11 training courses run in various countries, 3 more scheduled within TCP 2013
  •  3 trainers

Since end of 2012, this training course is now coordinated by a steering group composed by interested National Agencies and the 3 involved trainers, currently coordinated by the Swiss National Agency. By joining these both dimensions in the youth work field, this training course has now even a stronger connection with the identified needs in local, national and international youth work.


‘Power of NFE’ was for me “the best TC”. I learn a lot and I could implement several exercises with my kids such as the step forward. Unfortunately the video project was cancelled because the target group had some problems with the police and now they are in jail.

After the training (in May) I made an artistic exposition with some kids where they show the community and city their works and the importance of non-formal education in their daily lives. We make the connection between generations and it was very important for the community (this was other fruit from the tree of NFE). I sent you a picture.

I’m also giving some power to other youngsters by giving them some training in youth work so they can prepare some activities for the summer.

I’m also doing the TOT and I’m preparing to host our Training Practice Project with Sanne  and so this is also an amazing story that was born in PoNFE. Our TC is about Empower young people connection to the NFE. I’m just sorry for not having so much time to answer you in the best way possible.

Finally I’m also working with Lorenzo and Liis in a Youth Exchange that will happened in Estonia in August. Yes, the TC was amazing and opened so many doors, yes I have to underline your work as Trainers, yes the group and all the themes we worked were wonderful.
You are an example of excellent Trainers.
Thank you so much for that.











“The Power of Non-Formal Education have had an important impact on me. It opened a lot of new perspectives upon the world but also on how education works and how I, as educator should I lead the educational process. The training changed me a lot at a professional and personal level. I became much more confident in my power as educator/trainer/youth worker. I understand better how to facilitate and lead a method and a training and have more courage to create and to use challenging methods. I became also more interested in social problems, active citizenship and global education. I created a method that is inspired from Power to the People and Plan B. All these things brought more quality in my work, in my trainings and bigger changes in the youth with whom I work. All these aspects contribute to the development of our community. Another important aspect is the vision upon learning, reflection and transfer of learning into reality. I really liked the reflection moments and I found very useful the action plan which we made in the last day of training. Your training was for me an innovative training, who make me think outside the box and make me more responsible at a professional and personal level. Recently we organized a youth exchange when we made Take a Step forward and a method that is inspired from Plan B (of course is much simpler and easier). These methods had a great impact upon the participants and added value to the learning process. I want to thank you again for the great learning which was and is your training.. ”
I am sending you one picture from our youth exchange.
Thank you again.












The „REAL“ power of Power to the People. In April 2012 I participated in „The Power of Non-formal education“. At that time I was taking my Masters degree in education and working as a facilitator in a Youth House called „Íbúðin“ (= The apartment). I have worked in the field of Non-Formal education for 11 years, and this training course changed my approach and view on my work. I have been working with terms such as „Experiential learning”, „Democracy“ and „Caretheory“. But in this seminar I had a revelation a real KEY to binding all these theories together. After I got home I started working I felt the change in my approach towards the youth and in the way I structured my relations with them. It also I think this seminar defines me as a teacher. After the spring of 2012 I got hired in a college and there the formal and non-formal meet and I got the opportunity to bind these two together with great success.
I think this seminar can be a real stepping stone in further developing your professional awareness.
Best wishes