European Youth Capital 2016

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The European Youth Forum awarded Ganja this title on the basis of applications received from the city, which focused on plans for serious work with local and European youths in various fields, including human rights.

European Youth Forum, Summit

European Youth Forum, Summit

The European Youth Capital aims in promoting intra-European co-operation between young people. Among the most important aspects of the institution is the betterment of everyday life of the youth in the city selected as youth capital, not just for the duration of the festivities, but in the long term.

Additionally, participation of the youth in the design and implementation of the plans for each capital of youth is encouraged by the EYC.Ensuring that the youth are informed and actively involved in society and given opportunities for a better future is also a priority for the EYC initiative.Tourism and increased international prestige are some of the additional benefits of being named European Youth Capital.

The President of the European Youth Forum, Peter Matjasic, said: “We congratulate Ganja for their strong, diverse and detailed proposal and their commitment to tackle issues such as youth participation, education, social inclusion, employment and volunteering.”

The city of Ganja
The city of Ganja

“Connection” will be a key theme for Ganja as European Youth Capital. The program aims to promote close cooperation across borders, and combine policy, research and practice for young people.

Ganja surpassed competitors such as Vilnius (Lithuania), Varna (Bulgaria), Galway (Ireland), La Laguna (Spain) and Badajoz (Spain).

The awarding ceremony was held on 21 November at the meeting of the Council of the European Youth Forum in Thessaloniki, the youth capital of Europe in 2014.

This title is awarded to a city for a year, during which it gains the opportunity to carry out for young people cultural, sporting, social and political activities, and enable young people from all over Europe to participate together with the local youths in the life of the city.