Volunteers for Thessaloniki European Youth Capital 2014

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Dear friends and residents of Thessaloniki, the most beautiful city in SE Europe!,

Feeling young?

Feeling like an active citizen?

Want to become one?

Want to know about Europe, its institutions, the young people and their policies?

Want to get to know their initiatives and ways of expressing themselves?

Want to have a close look at how a conference, a workshop, an event, a discussion is being organized?

How to create an institution?

Want to communicate, collaborate, create groups, and join in solidarity?

Want to join the team that makes it all possible and improve your CV?

Then become an active participant / supporter of “Thessaloniki – European Youth Capital 2014”! It is a unique opportunity for us all to work together for our city and our future! A chance to put each of us a facet in this great mosaic called Thessaloniki – The City of Youth, the destination of young people from all around the world!

Fill out the questionnaire at https://docs.google.com/a/unescoyouth.gr/forms/d/1AnQzUC9xHHDhQiL5gZFZidZetPGlvxIqSMlrld5Wc9E/viewform and we will contact you to invite you for the preparation of the teams.

For any information, contact us at volunteers@thessaloniki2014.gr

via http://www.thessaloniki2014.gr/en/