Training Course ”Train the trainers – It´s up to me”



Training Course

Dates: 15-23 February 2014

Venue: Diepenau, Germany

Organizer: NaturKultur e.V. Germany (NGO/Others)

This Training Course for 36 participants

from Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey

Application deadline: 13 December

Train the trainers – where trainers from all over the world will support, coach and mentor the participants to learn how to become good trainers.

It’s up to me is train the trainers training. It is going to focus on methods of training people in NGOs, getting experience and understanding the mindset of the audience. We are going to learn about preparation activities while developing the concept of the workshops, how to develop flow of a workshop, how to create interesting sessions.

We will also focus on developing soft skills that are needed by the trainers on a practical way such as public speaking, presentation skills, debating skills etc. The experienced trainers are also going to share games, simulations, role playing and other tools that the future trainers can use to develop their sessions. The trainers will also take notes, feedback and mentor the participants on how to become better trainers in future.

The methods used are going to be interactive such as learning by doing combined with coaching and mentoring, small group discussions, brainstorming, team buildings, outdoor exercises, simulations, etc.

Draft timetable is available for your information (will have some changes till the projects begins).


Contact for questions:

Darko Mitevski


Phone: +4917693602255


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