Grundtvig activity: Experiential Learning – A Way For Change

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Grundtvig activity 8-16 February 2014

Venue: Busteni, Romania

Application deadline: 17 January 2014

Eligible are 12 participants coming from: YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME COUNTRIES


The aim of this Workshop is to contribute to the reducing process of the level of illiteracy among Europeans by enabling the literacy workers with additional and complementary methods and competencies

The project is based on an intensive experiential learning process to reach the following objectives:
– increase the participants knowledge about literacy field, education for literacy and realities in the field
– develop skills in non-formal education and experiential learning methodology and specific methods which could be use in literacy field;
– exchange best practices in the education for literacy field– methods, resources, personal stories/results, videos, etc.
– develop sensitive attitudes and approaches in working in literacy field with various topics and subjects;
– increase the impact and efficiency in the participants work as active workers in literacy field;
– develop proactive attitudes in relation with European citizenship and literacy level in their community of origin or region;
– increase their level of European awareness and intercultural learning;

The literacy workers (teachers, trainers, facilitators, educators, coordinators, etc) who will be participating to this workshop will increase the set of methods that they could use while conducting literacy sessions, activities, projects with or for various adults (or young people), which will lead to increase the long-term learning and efficiency in terms of reducing illiteracy.
The project design, concept and methodology, is based on experiential learning, non-formal methods, activities, process and debriefing – connecting all the learning process with the real life of the participants and how they can use it back home. The workshop, the evaluation, the debriefing after the activities are based on the participants learning style, adapted to their needs and to their level and type of learning (exercises, games, debates, simulations, discussion, role plays, etc)


A.R.T. Fusion Association (NGO/Others)

Contact for questions:

Ana-Maria Ilie


Phone:    +4 0743 989 161

ATTENTION: This call is funded by the EU Grundtvig Program and not the EU Youth in Action Program. Don’t send your application to a YiA National Agency, but make sure you follow the application procedure instructions described in the call.

Because projects funded by Grundtvig focus on Adult Education in general, the target group of Grundtvig projects is large and you cannot be sure to meet (mainly) youth workers and leaders at this course!



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