Title: Intercultural and linguistic workshop in La Mission Locale

Application Deadline: 06/01/2014
Project Start at: 15/01/2014
Project End at: 15/07/2014


Volunteers will be supported specifically by a Youth Social worker working with young people who have an international mobility project. The tasks of the volunteers are : – To host and meet the young people who want to make an experience abroad : information about the European program and local partners – creation of communication materials on youth mobility mobility – Conducting workshops on intercultural workshops and converse in foreign languages, – Support to the translation in english of covering letter and CV – create and animate English workshop to help the youth to better express themselves in English – participate to the organization and realization of a Youth exchange in summer 2014.


A volunteer open minded, interested in leading english workshop with youth. Good level in english. Interested to participate to an intercultural exchange. Volunteer only from country programm
Send a covering letter and CV to : Anne Ginier-Gillet : anne.ginier@calliope-europe.fr

About the organization

The organization la “Mission Locale” in Grenoble works with unemployed young people between 16 – 25 years old. Its main aim is to equip young people with new skills that will enable them to make more informed decision about their lives and their futures. This is achieved through offering information services, workshops and animation activities and international opportunities. The final goal of the organization is to help all the young people to build their social and professional future and to become active citizens.
The welcomed young people are from cultural, geographical (rural zones, and urban), social and economic different origins. Their level of training and education is also very different varying of the level VI (at the end of compulsory education without diploma) at the level I (Bachelor’s degree and more).
The ”Mission Locale works in partnership with organizations and associations for youth from the City of Grenoble”

Contact person: Anne GINIERGILLET
Coordinating organisation: Calliope
Host: Mission Locale de Grenoble: http://www.missions-locales.org
Location: Grenoble, France


Youth In Advancement 18+
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