Training Course: Reflective Practice, a UK Perspective

Dates: 9-16 March 2014

Venue: Burnley, United Kingdom

Eligible are 34 participants coming from: Estonia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom

Application deadline:  27th January 2014

Date of selection: 3rd February 2014

This course aims to explore the topic of reflective practice in youth work from a UK perspective. The UK has over 60 years history of professional youth work and this course plans to highlight and demonstrate how this came to be.

The course will take place in the town of Burnley, England (nearest airport is Manchester). During the course, participants will be taken to visit youth work settings in the region and have a chance to interact and ask questions to UK youth workers

The aim if this course is to analyze reflective practice from different cultural perspectives from across Europe, but using the UK as a showcase of how as a country it has developed working practices through its practical application.

During the course, participants will engaged in various activities that explore the topic and look at reflective practice while discussing models for it’s growth and development in Europe. The course also foster new partnerships between the partner countries and explained how to gain funding for future cooperation for international youth activity.

This project is the result of a desire to share reflective practice between European Countries, by taking a process-based approach that does not assume a level on understanding. Instead it builds on introducing the subject, exploring its relevance and applying it in the context of each country so the each participant will return home with something of real value.

Through the teaching of theory and practice via the use of interactive training we will share this knowledge and skills base with a range of professionals from other countries. This training will be facilitated by experienced and qualified professional Youth Workers, trained in reflective practice, from the UK. The trainers will deliver a curriculum on range of subjects centered on the course objectives. These are focused on the learners participating and we aim to achieve the following:

Learners will be able to identify and explain what reflective practice is
– Learners will be able to explain the use of reflective practice
– Learners will be able to locate reflective practice in the context of their work
– Learners will be able to identify the benefits of reflective practice and share them with others
– Learners will be able to Identify the challenges of implementing reflective practice in their work

The course also aimed to foster partnerships between the countries while explaining how participants involved can continue activity with their new partners and where to access funds to do so.

The working language of this course is English, so participants will need to be proficient in their skill level. Participants are also expected to attend the full duration of the events.

Our organisation will cover participant’s food and accommodation costs, as well as 70% of your travel cost.

Act Global CIC

Contact person: Aini Graca da Silva
Phone: 02081232315

If you are interested to apply to participate in this training course, please fill this short online application form on the bottom on this page:


Youth In Advancement 18+
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