Training Course: Y.I.E.S – Youth Initiatives for Social Engagement

Dates: 10-16 April 2014

Venue: Perea, Greece

Eligible are 39 participants coming from: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Turkey

Application deadline: 15th February 2014


Participants of the project will acquire crucial know how on multimedia and IT technology. These competencies will assist the beneficiaries of the project, as a tool-kit for a more efficient social- working with young target groups (active citizenship).


“Youth Initiatives for Social Engagement” project is an approved Training Course which will be hosted in Greece. During this training project, thirteen representative Youth Organizations, coming from countries throughout all Europe, will participate to this ”multinational mosaic”. A total number of 39 individuals, will discuss for the advantages, the benefits and the challenges of non- formal education, which is the crucial part, of the “Youth in Action” program.

Participants will share their experience, present the best- off their practices, express their concerns and contribute to an open- dialogue on how to set “Youth in Action” program more familiar to young citizens. The natural presence, of the trainers and facilitators will help towards this direction, so as to dispel any uncertainty related to the planning and implementation of a project, according to the “Youth in Action” program.

This project is a 4.3 sub-action, training course. The topic of the project is related with the implementation of applied methods, of socialization. The obvious outcomes of the project will be, a more active citizenship of young individuals. Participants of the project will acquire crucial technics on multimedia and IT technology. These competencies will assist the beneficiaries of the project, as a toolkit for a more efficient social- work with young target groups.

“Youth Initiatives for Social Engagement” Training Course, is a seven-days duration project. During this period of time, beneficiaries of the project will cooperate with their colleagues, into a peer to peer educational procedure. Participants of the project, will also interact with local community, working particularly with young people.

The seminar will also give the participants an opportunity to meet a lot of reliable partners for a future collaboration. Informal teaching methods contribute to the efficiency and commitment of each participant. Cultural evening and a large dose of ice-breaking games will also contribute to the promotion of intercultural dialogue and mutual tolerance. During this training course a lot of innovative ideas for future use will be generated. New initiatives will come to the surface as well as the planning of follow- up innovative activities and training or evaluation projects.

The language of the training course will be English.


Youthfully Yours GR

Co-organizer: GEYC Resources Center

Contact for questions:

Vasilis Tsillas


Phone: +306937185827


Youth In Advancement 18+
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