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Gran Canaria

Moya Township, is 25 km away from Las Palmas, capital of the island of Gran Canaria.

The Youth Council is the public body that directs and executes sorne of the actions that are
aimed for the young people, under the principies of participation and coordination with initiatives arising from the youth reality at both individual and collective leve!.

Our goal is to give volunteers the opportunity to get involved and carry out their own projects, which why we expect them to be dynamic, outgoing and participatory from the outset. We will not require a specific skill of the candidates, but the selection will be made according to profile, taking into account that are well adapted to the projects and how to work in our organization. We will give priority to young people who have great desire to learn. We also want 1 the voluntteer to have an interest in youth policy and youth work, and all our activities are designed to meet the needs of this group.

The activities that the volunteer will develop, would be scheduled each year from the Youth Council. Help in the management and development of the various actions that are included in the following projects, and participation in the evaluation of them.

-Cultural Week in lES Doramas (Week of multicultural activities with students Doramas lES): They would be the ambassadors, accompanying monitors to classrooms with their respective groups. They could offer a short presentation, explaining how is their country, their culture, etc ..

– Summer Youth (Activities of leisure, which take place from July to September): coordinate with the responsible technical project activities and support staff participate in them.

– End of Summer Festival (Festival which takes place outdoors to celebrate the end of summer in the coastal area of the municipality, where several activities, such as concerts, workshops, exhibitions, fairs, etc .. ): Coordinate along technicians responsible with festival activities and support staff participate in them. They could put a stand inside the fair, informing him Youth in Action program.

Las palmas gran canaria calle perojo

Las palmas gran canaria calle perojo

-Horror and Fantasy Festival: coordinate with the responsible technical festival activities and support staff participate in them.

– Revitalize the Youth lnformation Centre: Create a program to streamline the ICJ in the afternoon, when most young people are coming.

– Youth lnformation Point in the lES Doramas: PIJ Management Located in the lES Doramas, where volunteers will information the Youth in Action program. This point will be a space where the activities will disclose activities that are in the process of the development in the town, as well as other topics of interest to young people. It is updated every week.

Please contact us on cv.mojodecana@gmail.com so that we can send you our form that needs to be filled out until the 25.1.2014. IMPORTANT BASIC RULE: since we coordinate several projects, we get more then 100 CV a week PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE NAME OF FILE, and as EMAIL SUBJECT PUT EVS IN MOYA!!!

Have in mind that there are a lot of people who will not do it, and that because of that we will most probably miss your CV. it is a simple request but many people will not do it! After that we recieve the CV we will preselect 15 candidates.

IMPORTANT!!!! have in mind that even that you will be living in Gran Canaria for 9 months, Moya is a small village, and if the only motivation for you is to improve your spanish, or to live in an island for a while – you will most certainly not pass the selection round 1. We just want to assure that the selected volunteers will enjoy their experiences and beside, as you know, project theme has a priority and NOT the city or/and country! So please try to answer our questions with focus and specific.


Youth In Advancement 18+
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