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Partnership-building Activity: Capital Europe 2 – GO NONFORMAL

Dates: 12-16 March 2014

Venue: Cluj Napoca, Romania

Eligible are 25 participants coming from: YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME COUNTRIES

Application deadline: 21st March 2014



For nonformal learning passionates – a partnership building activity around the European Youth Capital concept and to develop partnerships for CONNECTOR – A Nonformal Happening (see description) as part of this concept.

What (in a „nutshell”)
A networking event aiming to enhance activities related to European Youth Capitals concept through nonformal learning to develop partnerships for CONNECTOR – A Nonformal Happening.

25 participants representing:
– youth organizations, municipalities and public bodies
– the structures managing European Youth Capitals and/or European Capitals of Culture (in the past, present or in the future years)
interested to get involved in trans-national partnership for ERASMUS+ projects including activities for CONNECTOR – A Nonformal Happening and related to the European Youth Capital.

12 – 16th of March (12 arrival, 13 – 15th working days, 16th departure)

What is CONNECTOR and why being involved?
CONNECTOR creates an interactive “happening” for hundreds of people from all over Europe for which nonformal learning is the natural choice which completes and supports formal education. It develops a collaborative space for sharing methods, instruments, practices and efficient ideas for learning and aims to create connections between nonformal learning, formal education and vocational training.
For more information please see the full description at http://www.nonformalii.ro/evenimente/connector-a-nonformal-happening

To identify the common interest areas related to the European Youth Capitals in order to put in place cooperation mechanisms and international projects to address such areas.

More concretely, Capital Europe 2 is therefore a preparation event for those willing to submit projects that will include CONNECTOR in their activities.

Trough interactive activities and participative methods (such as world cafe, open space technology, fish bowl or socio-educative animation). The participants are expected to be actively involved in developing projects and activities ideas. Preparatory activities will be carried out to allow applications to submit filled in application forms at 17th of March.

The program will be split in two distinct phases supporting each other:
– Thinking CONCEPT – Presenting the concept for European Youth Capital and the plans for 2015, identifying the common interest areas and topics to be addressed and understanding how CONNECTOR will support them
– CONNECTing the dots – Working on the concrete ideas emerging the first phase and developing common networking activities and projects in partnerships

Working Language: English

Where and how to get there?
Cluj Napoca, Romania
Cluj Napoca is a wonderful intercultural city located in the heart of Transilvania. It was selected to be European Youth Capital in 2015. The international participants will be picked up from the Cluj Napoca airport and the transfer to the hotel will be arranged by the local organizers.

Selection of participants
Deadline of application (all applicants): 21st of February 2014

Program Countries participants – the selection will be done by the corresponding sending National Agency. All interested sending NAs are kindly requested to finish the selection of participants according to the profile and send the application forms of selected participants to the Romanian NA until 25th of February 2014.

Neighboring Countries participants – the selection will be done by the Romanian National Agency until 25th of February 2014.

The Romanian NA reserve the rights to support additional participants from the program countries as well, if the case.


Youth In Advancement 18+
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