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When applying for European Youth Foundation grants, youth organisations will now be able to take into account the time spent by their volunteers as a contribution to the co-funding of a project. The European Youth Foundation is a fund supporting European youth activities serving the promotion of peace, understanding and cooperation in a spirit of respect for the Council of Europe’s fundamental values such as human rights, democracy, tolerance and solidarity.

The European Youth Forum welcomes this announcement of the inclusion of volunteer time recognition (VTR) in European Youth Foundation grants. The European Youth Foundation is now the first European structure of its kind to practically acknowledge the work of thousands of youth work volunteers.

A volunteer invests time and energy in (youth) activities organised by a not-for-profit (youth) organisation without financial or in-kind retribution for it. The recognition of the contribution that such time and service brings to a project, in this case as a source of co-funding, is part of recognition of volunteering itself, which benefits both the society and the volunteer. This recognition is an important step towards volunteering organisations becoming more sustainable and increasing quality volunteering opportunities.

A value will be put on volunteer time contribution for work plans and international activities from 1st April 2014 in grant applications. The Secretariat of the European Youth Foundation has stated that this is only a two-year trial period and its renewal will depend on the results and experience gained.


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