8.-11. May 2014

in Thessaloniki, Greece

The European Youth Dialogue 2014 “Reclaiming our future” is a political manifestation before the European elections in May 2014. Youth is “systemically” relevant, their hopes and needs concern everybody in Europe! Especially affected by the current crisis are young people coming from the crisis torn countries of South and South-Eastern Europe, as youth unemployment rates reach percentages never seen before. Millions of young people find themselves deprived of their future, their confidence and the energy that the aging continent of Europe needs, threatens to disappear. It is time to provide the European youth with space for advocacy and participation rights, to take their demands seriously and to no longer postpone promises made to them. Without the consent and the enthusiasm of the youth, the European project will fail. The youth will take the future in its own hands, intervening with actions and connecting to networks.

After the Youth Conference of October 2013 in Berlin, the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation with its European offices organise this follow up in Thessaloniki/Greece. Together with the Green European Foundation (GEF), the Green Institute Greece, Thessaloniki European Youth Capital 2014 and the youth networks and organisations: the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG), the Young European Federalists (JEF), the NGO Network of Thessaloniki, and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

The partners will select 90 young Europeans, 18-29 years old, active in NGOs, trade unions, protest movements, social networks and youth organizations, and invite them to discuss about their lives’ situation, exchange experiences, learn from each other and plan joint projects.

The Forum is about self-determination and participation, ownership and engagement – aspiring to strengthen networks and initiatives for a common Europe. The participants are expected to get actively involved in the preparation of the event contributing their ideas and knowledge to the workshops to take place and engaging in outcoming projects.

For further information please contact:
Peri Kourakli, Thessaloniki European Youth Capital


See more at: http://gef.eu/news/european-youth-dialogue-2014/


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