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Seminar: Spread the Word, Feel the World

 Dates: 22-29 April 2014

Venue: Edessa, Greece

Eligible are 32 participants coming from: Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain

Application deadline: 24th March 2014

This course is focusing on intercultural learning and cultural understanding through an innovative idea! Participants are going to discover and understand other cultures through the use of untranslatable words and the cultural elements included in them.

In every country there are some words used that cannot be translated or explained in different cultural contexts. This happens because these words have a very special and strong cultural background, a fact that makes them quite “unique”. In order to understand their meaning, someone needs to understand first the cultural elements hidden behind them. And that’s why it’s really hard, even for experts, to translate and interpret them. In the project “Spread the Word, Feel the World”, participants will make a research in finding such words in their countries/communities and cultural contexts and then share, present them and elaborate on cultural diversity and citizenship through multiple discussions, workshops, games and activities.
Once the national cultures are presented and explored, the emphasis will move on the European culture and its aspects.

The project “Spread the Word, Feel the World” will bring together 32 participants from different countries of Europe, with an aim to utilize the cultural elements hidden behind languages in order to facilitate the dialogue about cultural diversity and to promote intercultural exchange, active European citizenship and social inclusion.

Some important objectives of the project are:
– to reflect on participants’ own cultural identity
– to experience intercultural learning and getting connected through identifying similarities and differences with other young Europeans with different cultural backgrounds
– to develop self-confidence, creative and critical thinking and overcome their fear of expressing feelings and opinions
– to adopt attitudes of mutual understanding, tolerance and solidarity towards cultural differences in order to build social cohesion within the EU
– to discuss and reflect on European culture and point out the importance of participation in the European Parliament Elections 2014
– to develop social, personal, group-work skills and the ability to work collectively in an inter-cultural environment.

Participants will engage in activities based on non-formal and informal learning and at the end of the project, participants will create a Handbook with all unique words from various cultures that are found and discussed during the project. The Handbook will also be uploaded on the internet on electronic form and offered for free downloading.

All participants will be involved in the main topics of the program, workshops and games and they will have to prepare themselves in advance in order to present their “unique words” and cultural context.


70% of travel costs will be reimbursed.

All accommodation and food costs in the hotel are covered by the organisers.



Youthnet Hellas

Contact for questions:

Kostas Simitopoulos

E-Mail: programs@youthnet.gr


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