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Training Course: Face the Conflict

Dates: 28 February – 7 March 2015

Venue: Sofia, Bankia, Bulgaria

Eligible are 36 participants coming from: Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Spain

Application deadline: 19th December 2014

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The project ”Face the Conflict” aims at bringing together 36 people from 6 different countries with 36 different know-how methods to discuss the issue of conflicts and give them the opportunity to perform various hand-on group activities.


Through different activities (simulations, role play, presentations), participants will make a link to different conflict situations and their possible solution, emphasizing on mediation. The training will reach the following objectives:

To promote European citizenship among youth workers, trainers and EVS coordinators/ mentors and through non-formal education to raise their European awareness, to improve language skills, to tailor analytical processes for the specific purpose of mediation and what tools are available so that interventions such as mediation effectively contributes to conflict prevention management and resolution.

To exchange good practice and know-how of people working with youths, to improve skills and knowledge of conflict management and resolution, to increase the capacity of youth organizations to engage with
issues of global solidarity and the peaceful transformation of conflicts.

To develop social, interpersonal and intercultural competences of participants of the training, to develop their language abilities, ICT and communication skills, to empower young people to productive co-operation in the field of conflict prevention, conflict management, and fostering peaceful dialogue.

To empower learners, raise their self-esteem, encourage them to take part in lifelong learning and develop their competences continuously throughout their whole life.

During the training course participants will experience the particularity of the non-formal education methodology that is very participative and inclusive. The experiences and realities of participants, will be the starting point of the programme.

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A range of working methods will be used which will facilitate learning and exchanging experiences about alternative methods of solving problems.

During the training, participants from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Latvia are jointly carrying out a work programme (a mix of workshops, discussion, theoretical input, presentations, case – study, analysis exercises, role-play, practical tasks, board game, reflective activity, debates, simulations, and info session) designed and prepared before the course and which take place in Hotel “Zheravna“. All activities include space for participants to reflect on their learning (ideally using Youthpass) and encourage creativity and initiative.

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Costs for accommodation, food and programme activities are covered fully.
According to the new rules within the Programme “Erasmus+ Youth in Action” we will reimburse the travel costs by the receipt of complete and original tickets, invoices, bills, receipts, boarding cards etc. upon a certain “contribution to the travel costs of participants, from their place of origin to the venue of the activity and return”. This contribution is “based on the travel distance per participant. Travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator supported by the European Commission
The contribution is as follows:
Bulgaria €80
Latvia €275
Romania €275
Lithuania €275
Spain €275
Italy €275




Support for self-help

Contact for questions:


E-Mail: vmm090@abv.bg

Phone: +359886969670

For additional information please see the official call.

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