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EVS in Portugal: Cultural Recreational and Sporting Activities

Start: 01/07/2015

End: 30/12/2015

Venue: Arrimal, Portugal

Organisation: Vertigem

Application deadline: 19 th January 2015


The project consists of different activities in the protected area of the Natural Park:
–  Collecting information and images 

–  Outdoor activities with schools and informal groups 

–  Monitoring of wild bird species and flora of the Region

Vertigem – Associação para a Promoção do Património is an environmental NGO, that works to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats, creating local projects and environmental programs by young people for young people.

The activities developed in the environmental area have as main target the public interest in general and youth in particular.

Environmental activities are developed in 3 ways:

1.   Permanent activities

– Monitoring, keepings inventories, analysis and actualization of data regarding natural and biologic patrimony and information service.

2.   Permanent activities

– Cuckoo’s Farm

– Pedagogic Farm

– Activities of crops and livestock production using biological methods, with the goal to provide training and information for educational reasons, healthy living and protection of environmental areas, open for visit to schools and young people in school age.

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3.   Temporary activities

– workshops, environment animation, pedagogic activities, work-camps, OTL Programme (Leisure time occupation), prevention of forest fires, production of documents for the support of outdoor activities (environmental education)

4.   Targeted activities

– Trainings, conferences, seminars and workshops, expeditions and commemoration of thematic days


The EVS volunteer will help our members and Staff in the following activities:
– To collect information (field work) related to the Natural Environment (geomorphology, hydride resources, fauna, flora, etc…)
The activity of collecting information will be accompanied by the following tasks:
Information mapping (cartography)
– Pictures, photograph
– Filming
– Recording (audio)
– Identification

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There will be animation activities into the study area of the Natural Park with schools and informal groups. These initiatives will be planned and implemented on the following specific activities:
– Welcome groups
– Pedestrians walks to observe the Nature
– Bicycle rides
– Caves exploration (speleology)
– Topography of caves
– Mountains (scalling, rapell)
Bird watching and bird identification
– Maintenance of used materials for activities;

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The participants shall have an accredited sending organisation to act as coordinator under the program EVS Erasmus+. Transparent and objective exchange of information with the candidate and the sending organisation, on the basis of the form for candidates provided by Vertigem, and the exchange of emails, fax and post between the 3 involved parts  (volunteer, sending organisation and hosting organisation).

Adjusted profile of the candidate to the project, motivation and desire to be useful, interest in nature and environmental protection. Joyful, cooperative and willing to learn will be the main factors upon which the candidate’s profile will be selected by Vertigem. Factors as race, sex, age, religion or political ideals are not condition factors in the appreciation of the applications.


For this project we would like to receive enthusiastic people with good communicational skills, who are independent and willing to participate in the project. Qualities taken into account by Vertigem in the selection of candidates for this project are:

  • love of nature and protection of the environment
  • enthusiasm, motivation to participate in our specific project, appreciation in being useful
  • enjoy communicating and learning new skills and competences, interest to work in a team, tolerance towards difference.

We would highly appreciate the volunteer’s being flexible, with capacity to adapt to new and different situations and treating an obstacle as a challenge.

The volunteers are writing one E-mail to the Hosting organization (info@vertigem-app.pt) and they are sending their Questionnaire.

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Available downloads:

Application form.


Bezerra’s Ecological Residence.

Tel: 244 482 727

Fax: 244 482 727

Mobile: 916608136


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Themes: Environment, Heritage protection, Rural development, Youth leisure
Targets: Youth and children, Local Community



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