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Training Course: EUROPE DAILY! Think European-Act Locally

Dates: 17-24 April 2016

Venue: Co.Wicklow, Kippure Estate, Ireland

Eligible are 35 participants coming from: France, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 29th February 2016

The main objective of ‘Europe Daily’ is to share the best practices examples of Erasmus+ projects with strong local level impacts and to explore different non-formal education methods while developing international partnerships and new project ideas.


Summary of the Activities
During the seminar, we will implement the following activities:
1. Interactive workshops for best practises and experience sharing;
2. Information sessions on Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2;
3. Discussions on how to work with international activities while remaining focused on local realities;

4. Visits to youth work organizations in Dublin city;
5. 1 day session on Outdoor Education activities;
6. Presentation of an ‘Open MIC’ method;
7. Interactive networking activities;
8. Time and space to develop new project ideas between participating organizations.

Main Objective
To share the best practices of collaboration actions and initiatives in municipalities and to exam Erasmus+ opportunities for making an impact on the local level.

Specific Objectives

• To get familiar with youth and community work realities in participating countries;
• To hear the best practice experiences of collaboration actions and local initiatives in municipalities where participants are coming from;
• To exam opportunities that Erasmus+ has (KA1 and KA2 in particular) and how it can be used to make an impact on local and national levels;
• To try out different non-formal education methods that could be used when working with young people and local communities (an Open MIC and Outdoor Education);
• To develop network between participating organizations for further European collaborations.

By taking part in this seminar participants will develop skills of using reflecting practices, thus presentation and public speaking skills. Participants will become more self-aware through active participation in the planed activities, interactions with colleagues and reflection sessions.

They will build confidence and competence while working in cultural and age diverse group, thus develop further skills of oral and written self-expression through English. Critical thinking will be raised then engaging in group discussions.

The time, task and project management issues will be addressed and get introduction into new non-formal education methodologies. The program of ‘Europe Daily’ is designed to stimulate creative and innovative thinking while empathizing and relating to others.

By organizing ‘Europe Daily’ we are aiming to find clear links between international collaboration practices and its impacts on the local level. We are seeking to demonstrate benefits of such a activities for young people and local communities.

We believe this seminar will contribute to expending numbers of quality Erasmus+ projects around European benefiting local youth and communities and address the needs of youth in Europe today.



Accommodation and food will be provided by the hosting organization;

The travel budget will be calculated using Distance Calculator.

30 euros fee is deducted for local transportation, as we will be collecting participants from Dublin airport and bringing you back to Dublin airport after the seminar.

The maximum amount to be reimburse:
Latvia-330 euros
Lithuania-330 euros
Poland-245 euros
Romania-330 euros
Portugal-245 euros
Spain-245 euros
UK-150 euros
Greece-330 euros
France-245 euros
Ireland- please contact us about your travelling expenses by e-mail provided bellow

50 euros participation fee will apply




Eurobug, International Youth Work Training and Collaboration Limited – NGO

Phone: N/A

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