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EVS: Feel the Volunteerism and Live as a Volunteer

Dates: 1st July – 27th December 2018 (6 months / long-term EVS)

Venue: Thessaloniki, Greece

Eligible are 2 volunteers coming from: Turkey

Application deadline: 26th May 2018

ATTENTION: Last call for volunteers!

European Voluntary Service provides to young volunteers a unique opportunity to live in a foreign country and collaborate with a fair cause, a personal and professional growth experience free of charge.


The participant(s) will spend 6 months in Greece and will work as a volunteer in different actions related to the elaboration, design and execution of social inclusion projects and activities and in local, national or international campaigns of the hosting organization, for example in the line of work which is carried out as Youth sector and promotion of EU policies.

Furthermore, the volunteer will be allowed to integrate their own ideas and experience. We’ re completely open to new suggested projects from our international volunteers, knowing that their inputs can be really valuable.

Feel the Volunteerism EVS project, according to the framework of Erasmus+ EVS programme, will provide educational and artistic workshops, towards vulnerable social groups of Thessaloniki.

According to the plan of activities, we are going to run several educational initiatives, as intercultural dialogue and social awareness, languages workshops, basic competences workshops and several creative artistic workshops. Our group of volunteers, will offer their services, to the aforementioned social groups.

The beneficiaries of this project, will be young refugees residing into temporary hosting structures (daily refugee centre: ALKYONE), as well as homeless citizens of Thessaloniki, residing into municipal hosting structures.

The EVS volunteers, who will be recruited by YIA 18, are young adults who will not have completed the 30th year of their lives, at the starting date of the Feel the Volunteerism project. Eligible participants, shall be holders of Green passport! According to the project’s selection criteria, strong willingness and motivation of volunteers, will be highly appreciated.

The active involvement of volunteers, throughout the project’s duration is a prerequisite. Selected participant’s of the EVS project, will have completed their studies (vocational or tertiary educational structures) and will be interested to acquire basic skills & competences, which will be helpful for their professional life.

Social excluded youngsters, facing social marginalization due to financial or geographical obstacles, will have the chance to work into a multicultural environment, which will be beneficial to widen their perspectives & opportunities.

Additionally, we expect that Feel the Volunteerism project will be a good practice, which will be adopted and implemented by the project’s partners, after the end of the EVS project. This fact will ensure the additional value of this project.

Namely the selected participants coming from vulnerable groups, will be of the following social backgrounds: excluded youngsters, facing social marginalization due to financial or geographical obstacles, migrants, Roma, etc. We will focus upon certain volunteers, who have gained expertise into planning youth initiatives, with our project partners.

Although, the selection process is an open and transparent process for everyone, thus we will search for the ideal candidates, who will contribute with the project’s outcomes, attributing a supportive social structure to the city, for its vulnerable groups.



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

– Being selected for this course, accommodation and lodging (breakfast-lunch and dinner) will be 100% covered by the host organisation. 100% for travel cost (maximum amount see down).

–  Provided health insurance.

  • Food and accommodation is FREE
  • Everything is FREE OF CHARGE for the volunteer!

Transport: 100% covered by the Erasmus+ program, within following limits:

Turkey: 270 Euro/participant. Participants who will exceed this travel cost, will be charged the additional cost

  • Monthly allowance: 235 euro for the volunteer (pocket money+food allowance)




YiA 18, in partnership with Yesil Bursam Dernegi – NGO


Youth in Advance 18

Phone:+30 693

Please send your resume (cv), at: yia18plus@gmail.com

Contact for questions:

YiA 18

E-Mail: yia18plus@gmail.com

Working language: English (basic knowledge)

Profile of participants: Motivated young people (17-30 years old), residents of Turkey, holders of Green passport