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Training Course: Core of Coaching

Dates: 24 September – 3 October 2018

Venue: Limassol, Cyprus

Eligible are 27 participants coming from: Cyprus, Czech Republic, FYROM, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania

Application deadline: 10th August 2018

The challenge is to be able to coach and/or mentor young people, especially when it comes to topics such as employability or entrepreneurship. The training aims to increase the quality of youth work, by focusing on coaching and mentoring of volunteers.

General Description

Learning Outcomes
• Apply Coaching and Mentoring input, methods, techniques and tools in your work.
• Apply the tools given In the work with young people.
• Identify which areas you need to improve or develop.

• Identify your core skills and strong points for coaching
• Develop Self-confidence
• Select which tools are suitable for your working reality.
• Set your learning goals and outcomes for coaching and mentoring.
• improve your capacity for Self-reflection.

Also expect:
• That throughout the whole training you will have plenty situations to try coaching skills, from some exercises, to practice techniques, to full coaching sessions from both sides. As a Coach and as a Coachee, As a Mentor and as a Mentee.
• A part of the training will focus on how to communicate and express emotions, what the impact is and how to use it for coaching and mentoring.

Methods Used
• Experiential learning – learning by doing
• Coaching – allow developing the capacity to question yourself and find answers to individual needs
• Informal learning – learn from each others real working experiences
• Systemic work – perceiving the relationships between individuals and their environments

Participants’ Profile
The Training is targeted for people who have experience in working with people. Our previous practice showed that this training is most
effective for those people who work with individuals or groups, as volunteers or as professionals (e.g. coaches, mentors, youth workers, teachers, educators, coordinators, etc.).

This training is for you if:
• You are a youth worker who have at least 6 months of working experience at the level of youth volunteering
• Your work involves young people facing unemployment
• You have a good level of English given the input and tools
• You have the willingness to improve your professional performance, by developing your own coaching and mentoring attitude and toolkit
• You are willing to explore and experience coaching through 8-10 hour daily program
• You are over the age of 18

The program of the training is built in such a way that there is progressive step-by-step learning by doing and it is adopted to the learning needs of the group. This means that each piece of content that is delivered, will be integrated into the new contents that follow it. Like Lego bricks, they will be put over each other in a consistent way. For every step, the learning will be done by putting the content into practice, so it is performed and not only discussed.



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme

Travel Reimbursement:
Italy, Lithuania, Czech Rep., & Germany 360€.
Hungary, Greece & FYROM 275€

Spain 530€
Cyprus 0€

Accommodation, meals are provided during the whole duration of the training

Participants’ Contribution fee: 50€



DOREA Educational Institute – NGO

Phone: N/A

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Panagiotis Mamouzakis

E-Mail: trainers@erasmus-courses.org