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Training Course GO VISUAL: Visual Thinking Tools for Educators Dealing With Integration of Migrants And Refugees

Dates: 6-14 October 2018

Venue: Vienna, Austria

Eligible are 37 participants coming from: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Palestine, Portugal, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine

Application deadline: 20th August 2018

This project is an attempt to tackle an issue of integration of refugees and migrants by educators using alternative communication channels involving non-verbal communication tools and visual thinking tools in particular.

General Description

Unfortunately, when migrants come to a new community , they don’t know the local language or culture, which makes integration process rather challenging.

The project GO VISUAL Visual thinking tools for youth workers dealing with integration of migrants and refugees was born from the idea to empower youth workers, youth trainers and educators to use creative methods in education and equip them with skills of graphic facilitation, graphic recording, infographics and other tools in order to foster / ensure non-violent communication in educational process addressing current challenges such as intercultural dialogue in the work with migrants and refugees in order to help preventing radicalization of young people and to develop critical thinking abilities.

The TC objectives:
– To increase awareness of using visual thinking tools in youth work with migrants and refugees, thus eliminating language as a barier

– To learn what are those tools and how to apply them to concrete educational practice

– To create a common “graphical vocabulary” that can be shared with more youth trainers and youth workers afterwards

– To explore different art and graphic techniques and define how they can be useful in work with various inclusion groups

– To try out different techniques and identify what fits more to participants’own personal facilitating style and educational environment

– To become more self-expressive and to reduce risks of misunderstanding

– To share examples of visual realization of different cultural backgrounds enabling co-cultural expression and awareness


A training course, which will take place in Vienna, Austria 06/10/2018-14/10/2018. During 7 working days we’ll focus on visual thinking tools and graphic facilitation as well as using infographics and other visualization tools and cover the following topics and themes:

– Visual thinking; what it is: a concept and how it could be applied to youth work with migrants and refugees Learning what doodling, infographics, graphical recording, graphic facilitation and scribing are and how they can be used in education Practicing the usage of various visual tools.
– Creating concrete products: posters, videos, infographics etc.
– Planning the personal development strategy.

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This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

Board and lodging of the participants will be fully covered by the organisers. All participants will be accommodated in a room for 3-4 people max. Three meals a day and coffee breaks will be provided in the whole duration of the activity.

Travel reimbursment:
Austria – reimbursement limit 20 EUR

Hungary- reimbursement limit 180 EUR

Ukraine, Greece, Latvia, Italy, Luxembourg, Turkey reimbursement limit 275 EUR

Russia, Israel, Armenia, Palestine, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Georgia – reimbursement limit 360 EUR

There will be a participation fee of 50 euros.




Plattform Generation Europa – NGO


Academy of Innovation – NGO

Phone: +79040461534

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Vera Goriunova

E-Mail: academy.innov@gmail.com