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Training Course: Win win games

Dates: 13-24 June 2019

Venue: Prenčov, Slovak Republic

Eligible are 35 participants coming from: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain

Application deadline: 31st March 2019

Do you believe in your dreams? Can you either dream? Do you want to understand what makes some projects so successful, while others get blocked, collapse, or function with only a fraction of their potential?

General Description

Win-Win games is a 10 day training course for youth workers, trainers, community builders and young activist working on a sustainable way of living. It opens up new dimension for youth work, based on a specific methodology called Dragon Dreaming.

The Training has deep experiential dimensions, the first part is focused on knowing and understanding this method and the second part is focused on overcoming of blockages in a real projects.

The project will be organized by ARTKRUH, in the natural environment of the village Prenčov in Slovakia, nearby the UNESCO town – Banská Štiavnica; from the 14th-23rd June 2019.

The venue is offering the experience of a deeper personal and social interaction and a sense of belonging to the community in the rural environment. 35 participants from 10 European countries will learn and experience how to use this methodology, which is combining project management, an inclusive, participatory and non hierarchical approach.

Moreover, DD is not only a methodology but also a philosophy, a changing approach of our activities/projects on win-win-win games. The First win is for each participant, the second for community and the last win belongs to the Earth, focusing on environmental sustainability.

With this unique philosophy DD is offering a new perspective on the development of projects, enterprises and aspire for creating a new paradigm for the 21th century. The project will be led by an experienced lector and the founder of this method John Croft from Australia and Lizandra Gomes is from Brazil.

These two lectors and facilitators are bringing not only European, but also a worldwide dimensions and experiences to the project.



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Accommodation, food, programme and travel costs up to the maximum amount are fully covered.

  • Greece, Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania   275
  • Spain, Portugal 360
  • Czech republic, Slovenia, Hungary  180
  • Slovakia 20

Participation fee

We expect a participation fee 150€ to support the costs of excellent lectors





Phone: 00421901789978

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloadsInfoPack Win Win.pdf

Contact for questions:

Marián Mazag

E-Mail: murkomiux@gmail.com