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Training Course SocInc: Long-term training into Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Young Refugees through Non-formal Education (NFE)

Dates: 17-22 November 2019

Venue: Training 1: Solingen (Germany). Training 2: Sofia (Bulgaria)

Eligible are 25 participants coming from: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey

Application deadline: 27th September 2019

SocInc is a long-term training course promoting social inclusion of vulnerable young refugees through non-formal education. Training is designed for youth workers working directly with the target group to familiarize and equip them with NFE tools.

General Description

SocInc is a long-term training to promote social Inclusion of particularly vulnerable young refugees through non-formal education (NFE). The training is designed for professionals from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy and Turkey working directly with the target group.

Through the project, participating youth workers will be familiarized and equipped with NFE tools, but will also create, test and consolidate adapted NFE tools that will be gathered and presented in a toolkit, also for other youth workers to use. Participants will remarkably develop their professional skills and attitude.

All costs of the training are covered. Participants assume travel costs related to the trainings and then ask for reimbursement after the trainings.

Training 1 (T1): Kick-off training “Social Inclusion of particularly vulnerable young refugees”
Dates: 17/11/19- 22/11/19 in Solingen, Germany.

In between:
All participants: testing and consolidation of tools developed during T1 in local work contexts

Job- shadowing:
Job shadowing in Bologna, Italy for five selected participants (more information on the selection procedure will be provided at T1)
Dates are flexible, but should be between T1 and T2
Duration: 5 days

Training 2 (T2): Consolidation and follow-up training
Dates: 23/03/20- 27/03/20 in Sofia, Bulgaria

You can find more detailed information on the two trainings and on the in between activities in the annexed document.

SocInc is open to 25 participants, thus five participants per country.
In order to participate you must be part of the following groups:

-social or youth worker
-intercultural mediator
-refugee community leader

You have to work with at least one of the following sub- groups of young refugees:

Sub-group I: Young refugees (possibly) on the move, thus young refugees that for legal reasons should stay in one member state but for migratory pressure want to leave it / already left it to move to their country of destination. Facing: exclusion, exploitation, employment bans, fear of deportation (key word: Dublin Regulation).

Sub-group II: Young refugees that face social or mental difficulties, often a PDSD. They are having difficulties in frequenting the “standard” formal education activities planned for young refugees. Facing: risks of drop-outs, homelessness and a completely non-participatory life.

You must have at least three years of professional experience and show strong interest in NFE and in promoting social integration of the target group.



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation and board will be provided.

Travel reimbursement

All tickets will be purchased by the participants themselves. Travel costs will then be reimbursed to participants at the end of each mobility after having handed in all the related invoices.

For the training in Germany per participant up to the following amount travel costs can be reimbursed:

  • Germany: 20 €
  • Bulgaria, Greece, Italy : 275 €
  • Turkey: 360 €

For the training in Bulgaria per participant following travel costs can be reimbursed:

  • Bulgaria: 20 €
  • Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey: 275 €

Participation fee

Non Applicable




migration_miteinander – Youth NGO

Phone: +49 15214763938

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Golde Ebding

E-Mail: info@migrationmiteinander.de