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Seminar: Play it Forward

Dates: 11-17 January 2020

Venue: Training Centre “Daugirdiskes”, Lithuania

Eligible are 30 participants coming from: Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Montenegro, Netherlands, Republic of North Macedonia, Russian Federation, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 21st October 2019

Play it Forward is a 5-day seminar offering youth work trainers the opportunity to explore and embrace the technology and opportunities the digital creative world offers to better understand how we can disseminate the outcomes and impact of our work.

General Description

Objectives of the Training Course

  •  Allowing trainers the opportunity to explore tools for media production and digital communication to ensure the reach to young people and other stakeholders.
  • Supporting trainers and their ability to assess and measure impact and outcomes; disseminate results and build digital competences to do this.
  • Offering trainers space to improve quality of training events and trainers’ competences through collaboration and learning together,
  • Fostering innovation and internationalisation in education and training organisations, involving trainers working in the field of youth.

Selection Criteria and Process

Minimum criteria for participants, who are trainers working in the field of youth:

  •  desire to build their digital competence
  • desire to improve trainer competences
  • ability to communicate and work in English
  • available to prepare, participate in full duration of the Seminar from 11th – 17th January 2020
  • willingness to apply learning, knowledge and skills acquired
  • be resident in one of the eligible countries.

The pre-selection will be done by our country partners and final selection will be done together with the whole partnership by the 28th Oct.


The seminar will take place in a training centre in a rural area 45 km. away from Vilnius.

Please check the financial conditions of participation.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Youth programme.


The team of 3 includes:

Laimonas Ragauskas, expert on recognition of non-formal learning and in digital technology for education.

Buzz Bury, professional artist, youth and community worker and experienced international trainer.

Jan Lai, Non Formal Education trainer and facilitator with a specialization in e-learning and a strong interest in digital media literacy and critical thinking.



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme..

Accommodation and food

Board, Lodging, Local travel costs are covered by the Erasmus+ grant.

Accommodation will be in shared rooms with 2-3 people without the possibility to have a single room.

Travel reimbursement

Travel will be reimbursed based on the actual costs and participants should take the cheapest travel options. Reimbursement will not exceed the travel cost limits set by the Erasmus+ program as detailed below. Visa costs will be reimbursed up to a max of 60 € per person.

  • Lithuania = max. 20 euro.
  • Belarus = max. 180 eur.
  • Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, North Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Serbia, UK, Russia, Ukraine = max. 275 eur.
  • Armenia, Italy, Turkey = max. 360 eur. (if distance is above 2000 km.; 275 Eur, if its’ below 2000 km.)

Participation fee

40 EUR to cover extra training costs. (possibility for reduction, if justified)




Lithuanian Association of Non-formal Education – Youth NGO

Phone: +37065794041

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloadsPlay It Forward Timeschedule.pdf

Contact for questions:

Laimonas Ragauskas

E-Mail: neformaliai@gmail.com