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Youth Exchange: YOUth Health Matters

Dates: 5 – 14 March 2020

Venue: Burhave, Nordsee, Germany

Eligible are 2 participants (17 – 29 years old) + 1 group leader 18+ coming from: Greece

and Involves 49 participants coming from: Georgia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Greece, Ukraine, Croatia, Germany

Application deadline: 22nd February 2020

Research shows that creativity in young people results in mental well being and achievement in life. We are looking for 6 young people 17 to 30 years old, plus one group leader. Shortlisted participants will be young people who will be better described, as coming from disadvantaged background (social, economic or geographic obstacles).

ATTENTION: Last call for applicants!

General Description

Highlighting an important priority

Young people’s health and well-being is a permanent priority in Erasmus+ Youth programme and it is also highlighted in the European Youth Strategy. Many promoters have chosen it as a theme in their projects, but it is also a theme that comes up universally in all our work with young people.

As educators we have the duty to support the mental, physical and social well-being of the young people we work with. The YOUth Health Matters seminar highlights research results and general understanding about the well-being of European young people.

It offers tools and good practices for supporting young people’s well-being in Erasmus+ projects and youth work in general. Practicioners outside the Erasmus+ projects will share their expertise, whereas project promoters present their working ways too.

Overall objectives are following:

1. Increase levels of motivation, confidence and aspirations of young people up to 30 years old from disadvantaged backgrounds
2. Increase the chances of obtaining employment and maintaining it by offering essential knowledge in personal development, self care, self improvement and communication through creating vision boards using arts and crafts
3. Raise awareness on the importance of volunteering and lifelong learning and aimed at improving long term career prospects of the participants
4. Promote healthy and sustainable behaviours among the participants through specific workshops on the subjects of environment, food and personal self care.

Health and well-being is a wide topic

Health and well-being are a wide topic to look at. The seminar will concentrate on four strands of well-being:

  • Mental health
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Empowerment
  • Belonging

Young people’s mental health is the overriding topic that comes up on many levels: statistics and research, general understanding of mental health, practical tools for supporting mental health and project examples of good practices. The programme starts with a more general look and dives deeper into understanding during the days.

Healthy lifestyle can include many aspects relevant for your project and youth work. Topics that can be tackled include e.g. outdoor activities, sports, healthy body images, drugs and alcohol, sexual health and healthy food.

Empowerment links to the support that some young people need in order to take part in activities or in life as general. Good ways of empowering young people with fewer opportunities exist in projects and organisations.

Belonging is a basic human need. We have the need to have social contacts and friendships. We suffer, when we are excluded. How can we fight back loneliness?

Empowering young people means that:

  • More young people have the support, opportunities, skills and resilience they need for the future.
  • Young people have better relationships with their support networks and communities
  • Young people have improved health and wellbeing

We would ensure that young people are heavily involved in the design and delivery of the project as taking ownership means that they will value the project and be keener to make a success of it.



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Accommodation, food and materials – 100% funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. This includes everything, except for travel costs. It’s highly recommended to start buying travelling tickets early. It’s recommended to have a disposal for drinks, small shopping, etc. We are counting less travelling expenses as your contribution to the project.

Travel reimbursement

Transport: 100% covered by the Erasmus+ program, within following limits:

Greece: 360 Euro/participant. If your travel costs exceed the official limits, the reimbursement will be limited to the maximum amount of travel costs allocated for each country. If you fail to provide all the necessary travel documents, we will be unable to reimburse you.

For plane travel, the original documents that we need are:

1. E-ticket; 2. Invoice; 3. Proof of payment or receipt; 4. Boarding passes.

Participation fee

There’s a participation fee of 40 euros per participant. The fee will be deposited after successful selection of the candidates (non-refundable in case of cancellation).




AWO SANO Nordsee gGmbH, Germany – Social Entreprise


YiA 18 – NGO


Youth in Advance 18

Phone:+30 693

For additional information please: Download the Application form

email: yia18plus@gmail.com

Contact for questions:

YiA 18

Working language: English

Profile of participants: Motivated young people holders of EU passport, residing in Greece.

Age bracket: 18 – 30 years old