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Training Course. Power of Positivity. Finland

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Training Course Power of Positivity: Youth Exchanges

Dates: 22-26 June 2020

Venue: Nurmes, Finland

Eligible are 30 participants coming from: Austria, Belgium – DE, Belgium – FL, Belgium – FR, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 30th April 2020

The training helps you to clarify your understanding of mental health and discover how you can support young people’s mental health in your work. Moreover, you will learn how youth exchanges fit into the discussion.

General Description

Supporting Mental Health Is Easy

When talking about mental health, you may instantly think about negative issues like depression and mental illnesses. You should not. We all have a state of mental health, one day our mental health can be worse, one day better. But there are concrete ways how to promote our mental well being.

In this training you will understand better what affects our mental health and how we can take care of it. You will learn methods to discuss the topic with young people and have time to think how to help their well being. This is important for you, if you are working with young people. And you should be, because youth exchanges need young people.

Can youth exchanges promote mental health?

Well, yes. You might know that you feel better when you feel heard, you feel you belong to a group, you have your place in there and others accept and support you. You also may recognise it feels good to accomplish interesting tasks, explore unknown things and overcome a nice challenge. Youth exchanges can offer all of this to your young people, if you take care that they are able to be involved, respected and supported in planning, preparation and carrying out of exchanges.

  • In this training you will learn, how you can help young people to have ownership in their youth exchange.
  • You will have a small pre-task before your arrival, so be prepared to return it.

Who is this training for?

You should be interested in the topic of mental wellbeing as well as in international youth work.

You may be interested in

  • challenging your understanding of mental wellbeing
  • learning ways to talk about mental health with young people
  • learning working ways to promote mental health
  • organising youth exchanges where young people are actively involved in the projects
  • learning ways to support young people’s involvement in youth exchange projects
  • understanding how mental health can be discussed in youth exchanges
  • finding possible partners to future youth exchanges who share the same understanding of working ways

It is much better if you will already have a group of young people that you are working with. It is even better, if you have talked with them about the possibility of an international youth exchange and they are interested in one. We will prioritise applicants who work regularly with a group of young people and regularly organise daily or weekly local activities for them. Starting to plan a youth exchange is much easier, if you can start working with your group when you return home.

If you only organise international activities and always recruit the participants in the projects after they have been granted, you are not the kind of participant we are looking for.

Peaceful (and sleepy) countryside

The training takes you to a remote area in Eastern Finland, over 500 km to the north of Helsinki. Youth Centre Hyvärilä is one of the state founded youth centres in Finland. It is located by a lake surrounded by nature. It is not close to services, but they offer good facilities for training, accommodation and meals.

You will also have time to chat and change opinions, practices and ideas with youth workers from other countries and look at the midnight sun by a Finnish lake.

You should know, though, that there will be youth groups around, which means you cannot use alcohol in the youth centre area. Finnish youth work is substance free and you should also respect that in our country.



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Accommodation and food

Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel, etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered by the NAs or SALTO Resource Centre involved in this project.

Travel reimbursement

Please contact your National Agency or SALTO Resource Centre in order to know whether they would support your travel costs. If yes, after being selected, get in touch with your NA or SALTO again to learn more about the overall procedure to arrange the booking of your travel tickets and the reimbursement of your travel expenses.

Participation fee

The participation fee varies from country to country. Please contact your National Agency or SALTO Resource Centre to learn more about the participation fee for participants from your country.




The Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI – National Agency


  • Hyvärilä Youth Centre – Youth NGO

Phone: +358 400 247 774

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloads: Draft Programme Finland.pdf

Contact for questions:

Paavo Pyykkönen

E-Mail: paavo.pyykkonen@oph.fi

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Training Course: Sustainability in Action!

Dates: 18-26 March 2020

Venue: Elbeuf, France

Eligible are 29 participants coming from: Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Turkey

Application deadline: 13th January 2020

With the project “Sustainability in Action!” we wish to tackle global environmental challenges and sustainable development and to implement concrete actions that youth workers can do to motivate young people get actively involved on a local level.

General Description

We would like to invite you to participate in the “Sustainability in Action!” training course that will take place near Elbeuf, France in the period 18th – 26th March 2020 and will gather 29 representatives of organizations from 8 countries – Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Turkey and France.

About “Sustainability in Action!” project:

With the project “Sustainability in Action!” we wish to tackle both complex issues – global environmental challenges and sustainable development and young people’s lack of social involvement and participation, and to implement concrete actions that youth workers can do to motivate young people get actively involved on a local level by increasing their environmental citizenship.

We aim at enhancing and developing youth worker’s competences to encourage, support and empower young people’s active involvement in solving environmental challenges and their active participation in a positive change towards a more sustainable society.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • create awareness in regards to the current environmental challenges and explore interconnectivity of those challenges with other topics on a global level (i.e. health, migration, economy);
  • explore the topic of youth participation and ways of attracting young people to actively participate on a local level;
  • build youth workers’ capacity to work more effectively with young people on the topics of eco-related actions and sustainable ways of living;
  • explore environmental educational methods and equip participants with non-formal learning tools addressing the topics;
  • share experience, methods and practices;
  • create new successful and creative partnerships;
  • promote Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps as a tool for active youth involvement and participation;
  • sensitize relevant stakeholders on the significance of environmental challenges on all levels.

We envisage the following thematic modules in the training:

1. Environmental challenges (what do we face today – pollution, climate change, social injustice and inequity, climate migrants and refugees, lack of resources, etc.) and alternative systems for sustainable living (sustainable communities, degrowth movement, permaculture, sustainable consumption, sustainable transport, etc.).

2. Active youth participation and green citizenship – concepts and ways of involving and engaging young people be active on a local level, encouraging them to create and implement initiatives.

3. Sharing of experience, strengths and challenges youth workers face in the different countries as way as solutions to overcome them.

4. Practical tools and instruments – gathering, sharing, trying out tools that will be used with the young people after the project.

5. Creation of partnerships and development of ideas for international youth mobility action and local youth initiatives.

Dates and venue of the training course

The training will take place from 18th (afternoon) till 26th March 2020 (7 full working days and two days – 1 arrival – 18th March and 1 departure day – 26th March) near Elbeuf, France. The participants need to arrive in the afternoon on 18th March and depart after breakfast on 26th March 2020.

Profile of the participants

The training course is for:

  • youth workers, facilitators, trainers, youth leaders, activists willing to enrich their competences towards working for a higher involvement and participation of young people in our societies for solving environmental challenges and living in a sustainable way
  • Age 18+
  • Willing to learn, develop and share
  • Willing to practise and multiply learning after the training course
  • Able to understand and express themselves in English
  • Are committed to attend for the full duration of the event
  • Are committed to do a follow-up/dissemination activity to be implemented in their country after the training course



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation will be in Château du Bosc Féré and participants will be accommodated in 2 and 3-bed rooms.

Food – Breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks during the training duration will be provided by the organizers (starting with dinner on 18th March and finishing with breakfast on 26th March 2020).

Travel reimbursement

Reimburse of the travel tickets will be done according to the rules of the Erasmus+ programme based on distance calculation. The reimbursement will be made after the training course, after the participants provide all original travelling documents (coming and return). Please keep your original tickets and boarding passes.

  • France – up to 0 Euro
  • Bulgaria, Italy – up to 275 Euro
  • Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Malta, Turkey – up to 360 Euro

Participation fee

There is no participation fee




MJC – House of Youth and Culture of the Elbeuf region

Phone: +33 662 88 63 16

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloadsInfoPack Sustainability in Action.pdf

Contact for questions:

Pascale Delobel

E-Mail: project@mjc-elbeuf.fr

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Training Course: New perspective

Dates: 5-14 January 2020

Venue: Cluj Napoca, Romania

Eligible are 24 participants coming from: Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovak Republic

Application deadline: 21st November 2019

Our aim is to build up a project that can add value to youth workers by promoting different vocational counselling tools and simultaneously considering their own community needs.

General Description

New Perspective is a training course that aims to give youth workers tools and methods to develop vocational counseling activities for the youngsters in your community.

Our Objectives are:

  • To develop youth worker’s competences in the field of vocational counselling – accompanying young people on their way to choose their professional path
  • To learn various vocational counselling tools, that youth workers could use for setting up vocational counseling programs at their own
  • To create and deploy 4 vocational counseling programs for young people adapted to the needs of their communities

With this aim we are looking for:

  • Youth workers who wish to pass on to other young people they work with, methods, activities and know-how generated through the project about vocational counseling
  • People who are willing to self-question and rediscover themselves, being open to learn new personal development ways
  • People who are available to be actively involved both before, during the training, as well as in the process of dissemination and exploitation of results
  • Have communication skills in English at least medium
  • Minimum age: 18.

We propose a rich programs including key activities such us:

  • Self-introspection around personal values and objectives in life
  • Finding the right balance between everyday needs and today’s reality
  • Testing and applying different vocational counselling tools and exchanging feedback with each others
  • Belding up a program that could be applied in their own community

Our journey will start in a mountain chalet in Apuseni Mountains, Romania named The Paradise Valley. The accommodation will be organised in rooms of two or three persons (individual beds in each).

The Paradise Valley Guesthouse is located on the Someșului Rece Valley in the Apuseni Mountains, Cluj County. The access to the pension is made from Gilău town on the country road that makes the connection between Cluj and Alba counties, crossing the Gilăului Mountains. For more details you can access the web site.



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation, meals and activities will be covered from the project budget.

Travel reimbursement

As our location is not possible to be reached with public transportation and for this reason we are deducting 15 euros/person to cover the rating of a private bus from Cluj and back to Cluj.

Participation costs will be distributed as follows:

  • Greece  – 250 eur/pax
  • Italy – 250 eur/pax
  • Slovakia – 165 eur/pax
  • Romania – 165 eur/pax

Selected candidates must advance the necessary amounts to cover the transport costs using the cheapest means of transport: air ticket (economy class, low cost), train ticket (2nd class) -a), coach etc. Travel will be reimbursed up to the maximum level allowed by your distance band (described in the table above).

Participation fee

The participation at this project is free.





Phone: +40745155392

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloadsInfoPack New Perspective.pdf

Contact for questions:

Iuliana Pavel

E-Mail: iuliana.pavel@a4action.ro