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E-learning. The Art and Science of Storytelling. Czech Republic

Český Krumlov | Czech Republic | Britannica

E-learning Online Workshops: The Art and Science of Storytelling (October 2020)

Dates: 5-19 October 2020

Venue: Online (zoom), Czech Republic

Eligible are 20 participants coming from: Austria, Belgium – DE, Belgium – FL, Belgium – FR, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU, Other countries in the world

Application deadline: 4th October 2020

NOTE: this class has been FULLY BOOKED and the dates are not anymore available. Please look for the September edition (still available places) or get in touch with the organizers to be informed about the future November one.

Do you want to learn about the art and science of Storytelling and how to create and share Stories effectively? Register to these online workshops, designed for educators and trainers which involve a lot of exercises, interaction and fun. (5th Edition)

General Description

The human mind evolved with stories and is shaped by them. Good storytelling can motivate people to do incredible things and is a tremendous advantage in communication. Education and learning are no exception.

Creating and sharing stories is a gift innate to all of us. Join these workshops and find out more.

We will share inspiration from some famous, especially successful examples, put them in practice with individual and group exercises, and share tips on how to build stories to create engaging activities, inspire learning and promote the change we want to see in the world.

These workshops are designed for a smaller group (15/20 people max) and will involve a lot of direct and personal interaction. So, camera and microphone will be needed all the time. The work platform will be Zoom. Don’t expect long webinars and talking heads, these activities are super hands-on.

Our work will include bits of theory inputs, loads of group and individual exercises, challenges and games, sharing and reflection and a variety of interactive digital tools to make our sessions more dynamic and engaging.

These editions are offered to trainers and youth workers for a very friendly price +feedback and review at the end!

The specific topics will be:

5th October, h 20 CET – How and Why do we create stories? (story structures with famous examples, why do we share stories + the deeper impact of storytelling, theory and tips for creativity, crafting and sharing stories, small group work to create and share short stories, improv exercises);

12th October, h 20 CET- How to use stories for personal growth (the Hero’s Journey story mega-structure and how to incorporate Rites of Passage in education; the power of sharing with the Way of Council, and tips on how to lead such activities);

19th October, h 20 CET – Engagement, humor and comedy (how to create punchlines and deliver them, theory inputs on what is “funny”, tips and exercises to keep an audience engaged and be confident storytellers, examples from stand-up comedy, writing exercises and jokes, jokes, jokes).

You can register for one, two or all the workshops (the price is 15 euros for one, 39 for the whole series). See below.

Places will be limited: first come, first served (the deposit of the fee will be the proof).

Facebook event of the workshops

You can also check the amazing reviews from the previous classes! We have had 4 editions and a spin-off series so far, with more than 150 satisfied users.

To register online: https://cutt.ly/storieswithcarmine

To pay the deposit, please use if possible Paypal:
(or contact us in case of difficulties)



This project is NOT financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Accommodation and food

Online webinar

Travel reimbursement

N.A. These workshops take place entirely online.

Participation fee

15 euros for one specific workshop, 39 € for the whole series.
Want to ask for a special offer or conditions? Get in touch with me and don’t hesitate to ask.




Vice Versa CZ

Phone: +393383845313

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Contact for questions:

Carmine Rodi

E-Mail: carmine.rodi@gmail.com

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Training Course Local in Global: Prosperity without Growth?

Dates: 29 February – 7 March 2020

Venue: Trebnitz castle, Germany

Eligible are 25 participants coming from: Germany, Poland

Application deadline: 15th January 2020

International training course on methods for Education on Sustainable Development (ESD) for youth workers and multipliers who wish to discuss our current economical system and find ways to a more democratic and sustainable society ( solidarity reloaded )

General Description

The predominant economic model of our time is based on unlimited growth and the exploitation of natural resources. But how can there be a good life for all within the ecological limits of or planet? What are the problems of our current economic model, which is designed for constant growth? And how can we address these issues in our educational work?

Discussing these and other questions and getting to know alternative ways of living and working is the aim of our training, which will take place from 20 February to 7 March in Trebnitz Castle Education and Exchange Centre (ca. 60 km east of Berlin).

Invited are multipliers of formal and non-formal education from Armenia, Bulgaria, Germany, the Republic of Moldova, Poland and Ukraine, who want to critically reflect upon the growth paradigm and explore paths to a post-growth society that is more democratic, sustainable expressing and implementing solidarity tools.

During the training, we will use different methods and approaches from the field of education for sustainable development that can be used afterward also in the local contexts. In addition, the training focus on the exchange between participants from the different countries.

The project is funded by the European program Erasmus+. Travel expenses can be reimbursed.



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Accommodation and food

The participation fee already includes accommodation, food and program.

Travel reimbursement

Travel expenses can be reimbursed up to a maximum amount of:

  • 275 € per person from Poland and
  • 180 € per Person from Germany.

Participation fee

The participation fee is 150 € for participants from Germany and 75 € for participants from Poland.




Kreisau-Initiative e. V. – Youth NGO

Phone: +49 (0) 30 53 89 31 63 64

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloadsInfoPack Local in Global.pdf

Contact for questions:

Johanna Rogge

E-Mail: rogge@kreisau.de

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Training Course: heART Project

Dates: 10-19 November 2019

Venue: Kaprálův Mlýn, Brno, Czech Republic

Eligible are 29 participants coming from: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain

Application deadline: 30th September 2019

heArt project will give you experience embodiment approach in youth work. Work with our body and voice – gives space and tools to discover who we really are. It is an experience of oneself, a learning process, time for reflection.

General Description


A vital organ, pumping blood into our body, providing it with oxygen that we need to breathe and an amazing place full of emotions, feelings and compassion.


A way of self-expression that allows our imagination to create all sorts of beauty and includes everybody.

heART Project.

A possibility to explore and experience ourselves and others through embodied techniques and to use it to fight for social inclusion. With all our heART. Put your heART into it!

Embodiment approach – working with our body and voice – gives space and tools to discover who we really are. It is an experience of oneself, a learning process, time for reflection. Once we get to know ourselves, we can open our hearts to each other and we care.

In heART Project, we will gather 29 people from 10 countries who will share their knowledge and skills. We will use movement, voice expression, storytelling and theatre as a way to approach and work with disadvantaged groups of young people.

A big part of the training course is focused on creating activities for and with young people of the local project Bojovat Srdcem (Fight with Heart). It is an afterschool activity in the local elementary school Zelesice and supports young people with fewer opportunities (learning disabilities and behavioral disorders) with their integration into society through embodied arts.

What to expect

  • body awareness session to reconnect with self & build rapport to others with principles of butoh, yoga, tango, dance etc.
  • voice coaching session of the basics of breath control, articulation, resonance, pitch and tone to discover our own vocal image
  • dynamic body movement & meditation to increase the awareness of own body and optimize energy management
  • storytelling and Way of Council to share and learn from our stories
  • working on topics of diversity, tolerance and inclusion using elements from Theatre of the Oppressed and improv theatre
  • embodied workshops with and for children from Bojovat Srdcem (Fight with Heart)

What you get out of it

You will:

  • learn to listen to your own body and to share your own experience with others
  • explore the possibilities of expression that your own body and voice offer to support your everyday interactions
  • experience personal growth through embodiment
  • learn how to maintain, create and expand connections with others
  • get to know ways of using the embodied learning tools to empower youngsters and their inclusion
  • create your own activities for your target groups
  • have fun while increasing your creativity, flexibility and playfulness in an international group of youth workers

The training is for you if you are:

  • youth worker, educator, trainer or facilitator
  • ready to use or considering to use embodied techniques with your target groups
  • willing to experience yourself through 8 – 10 hours daily intense programme
  • enthusiastic, motivated, open to new challenges
  • committed to participate in the project through all the phases (preparation, TC and organisation of a follow up activity)
  • 18+ and speaking fluent English
  • a resident of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland or Spain



Veronika is a trainer, facilitator and coach. She combines embodied learning methods with personal growth processes. Veronika loves to create a safe space for people to reconnect with themselves and connect with each other. She supports them on their journey to discover their inner power and use it to their full potential


Lucie is a language and voice coach, teacher trainer, non-formal educator and a passionate traveller. She has been working with youth workers for over ten years, focusing mainly on personal development. She loves using singing, theatre and storytelling techniques in order to help people to become more aware of who they are and whom they want to be.


Hana is PR and media specialist for a science film festival and copywriter. She has been involved in youth work and non formal education for almost 15 years as youth leader, coordinator and trainer. She enjoys to work with words and stories. In youth work she focuses mostly on project and organizational management.


Pavel is the initiator and coordinator of Bojovat Srdcem Project, an educator and a trainer of martial arts. His vision of a capoeira workshop is to raise people with love to sport and active lifestyle, with the desire to improve themselves, with the strong will and with the knowledge of their own possibilities, which they can develop



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Accommodation and food

The accommodation and food will be for participants fully covered.

Travel reimbursement

You will be reimbursed the exact amount of your travel expenses inside the limit assigned to your country if you provide us with all your travel tickets. Taxi and first class tickets are not covered.

  • Czech Republic 20 €
  • Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland 180 €
  • Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Romania 275 €
  • Spain 530 €

Participation fee

There is a participation fee of 50 euro/ 1250 Czk to be paid at the beginning of the TC in cash.




Asociace DICE – Youth NGO

Phone: +420776619072

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloadsInfoPack heART.pdf

Contact for questions:

Hana Křížková

E-Mail: embodiedprojects@gmail.com

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Training Course: Earth, Wind & Fire

Dates: 1-8 September 2019

Venue: Miño de Medinaceli (Soria), Spain

Eligible are 21 participants coming from: Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Eastern Partnership countries

Application deadline: 20th June 2019

Earth, Wind & Fire is an holistic, magical and energetic project aimed at improving skills in the field of emotional education and personal empowerment so that they can stimulate and value the young people with whom they work.

General Description

This project is addressed to participants coming from 10 countries: Ukraine, Armenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Croatia and Spain. Each country will provide 2 participants that will be selected according to their professional profile and motivation.

We will use techniques of natural healing, personal balance, emotional stimulation, creative development, empowerment in talents and education in values from ancestral cultures, holistic techniques and personal growth, especially those linked to the countryside and nature, to create an active, integrated and constructive youth.

These techniques share the same principles and objectives; connect the individual with their innate abilities and provide them with confidence and determination to achieve their goals, from mindfulness to emotional coaching, through Reiki, Kundalini Yoga or Sound Healing.

The main objectives are:

  •  Create a work guide that includes tools for emotional education and youth empowerment.
  •  Motivate and increase the satisfaction of the trainers by facilitating techniques of
    personal growth, relaxation, concentration and self-help that allow them to achieve
    their personal balance and emotional stability and allow them to improve their working conditions and those of the young people with whom they work.
  •  Improve the skills of educators by equipping them with tools to work and promote emotional education and youth empowerment with their students in order to promote diversity and transmit the fundamental common values of our society, especially to young people with difficult access, and avoid the violent radicalization of young people.
  •  Promote youth development in rural, depopulated areas and regions where they suffer economic, social and cultural difficulties and reach marginalized young people, providing them with tools for their inclusion.
  •  To improve the quality of trainers’ work by increasing their skills and abilities to address the needs of disadvantaged people in terms of sensitivity, empathy and understanding.

The project is aimed at all those people interested in personal growth and awareness, all those who believe that a more complete and healthy human being can be developed, to all those who want to know holistic techniques of personal balance, to all those who believe in nature, in energy, in spirituality, in feminism, in emotional development and in education as a way of life.

In this project we want to give priority to participants with economic, social, geographical, cultural, physical or health difficulties. One of the main values in this project is the motivation of participants, as well as integration and inclusion of people with disadvantages.

Finally, as a collective project, all of us who are part of it will learn, grow and enrich ourselves during this time and all your contributions will be very important for the final result.



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Accommodation and food

Activities, accommodation and food are covered by the program.

Travel reimbursement

We will cover the participants travel to a maximum of:

  • 275€ per participants coming from Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic and Hungary.
  • 360€ per participants coming from Romania, Poland, Ukraine and Greece.
  • 530€ per participants coming from Armenia.

There is no budget for Spanish participants’s travels.

Participation fee

There is no participation fee.




Harmonii Coaching – Youth NGO

Phone: +0034651393102

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloadsInfoPack Harmony Wellness.pdf

Contact for questions:

Belén Andreu

E-Mail: harmoniicoaching@gmail.com

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Training Course: The Purpose Project

Dates: 30 August – 8 September 2019

Venue: Grotniki / Łódź, Poland

Eligible are 24 participants coming from: Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Poland, Republic of North Macedonia, Spain, Turkey

Application deadline: 18th June 2019

The main aim of this training course is to develop the competences of 24 youth workers from 8 countries to help them better support their youth to identify and pursue their life purpose.

General Description

The reality in Europe, is that students must decide at a young age, usually when they are 17 or 18, what career path they want to take.

After they select their desired field of study for University, it is extremely difficult to change their field of study and follow a different path in the future.

This results in a large majority of European students graduating University with no direction into what career path could fulfill them or what to do next, as well as high dropout rates.

That is why the idea for the TC is to equip European Youth workers with the competences (knowledge, attitudes, and skills) to support young people to find a sense of purpose and job fulfillment and connect their passions to employability.

Main Aim:
The main aim of this training course is to develop the competences of 24 youth workers from 8 countries to help them better support their youth to identify and pursue their life purpose.


  • to increase the knowledge of youth workers on what purpose is, why it is important, and what is its connection to employability
  • to develop youth workers’ skills to support youth to identify their life purpose and unlock their potential
  • to increase awareness on the importance of discovering and following purpose for personal and professional fulfilment.



This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Accommodation and food

The hosting organisation of this offer will organise and covers the costs for accommodation and food.

Travel reimbursement

Travel expenses will be reimbursed at flat rates depending on travel distance:

  • Poland: 0 euros/person
  • Republic of North Macedonia, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Malta: up to 275 euros/person;
  • Spain, Cyprus: up to 360 euros/person;

Participation fee

Non – Applicable




Fundacja Edukacji i Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Obywatelskiego FERSO – Youth NGO

Phone: +48 516 089 392

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloadsInfoPack The Purpose Project.pdf

Contact for questions:

Urszula Malińska

E-Mail: u.malinska@gmail.com

Antalya old town kaleici

Training Course: Powering Entrepreneurship Education For Disadvantaged Youth

Dates: 1-11 November 2018

Venue: Antalya, Turkey

Eligible are 30 participants coming from: Bulgaria, FYROM, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Turkey

Application deadline: 14th October 2018

To equip the youth workers working directly with young unemployed people and disadvantaged youth from refugee/asylum seeking and migrant background with essential entrepreneurial and business tools, methods and skills to tackle the problem of unemployment

General Description

The international training course “Powering Entrepreneurship Education For Disadvantaged Youth” aims to train and equip youth workers and youth leaders working directly with young unemployed people and disadvantaged youth from refugees/asylum seekers and migrants with essential entrepreneurial and business tools, methods and skills to enable them to contribute to tackling of the problem of unemployment among youth through quality youth work that promotes self-employment and entrepreneurial culture.

The training course will be based on non formal learning methods and principles, intercultural dialogue and communication including group discussions, interactive presentations, participant’s lead workshops, team work,etc.

The methodology of the project will stimulate active participation, sense of initiative and involvement of the learners. It aims to create a learning space with better self-awareness and awareness of the needs and goals of the groups of young people they work with to enhance the results of the learning process and give birth to high quality projects led by the participants in the future.

The project aims to reveal the value of the Erasmus+ Programme as a tool for youth empowerment and raise awareness about Youthpass tool for supporting young people harness skills and personal growth through self-reflection and learning documentation.

Objectives of the training course:

– Introduce youth entrepreneurship as a tool of fighting youth unemployment;

– Support youth workers in developing and sharing effective methods in reaching out to marginalized young people, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, and in preventing racism and intolerance among youth;

– Learn to use youth work to empower youngsters to start their creative search for entrepreneurial opportunities;

– Learn to use non-formal education to support current and future job-seekers to be pro-active and able to apply entrepreneurial approach into career development;

– Explore ways for using youth work to bring alienated and marginalized youth back into the economic mainstream and giving them a sense of meaning and belonging; Helping address some of the socio-psychological problems and delinquency that arises from joblessness;

– Learn to use Youthpass and the Key Competences to support young people through creative process of skill harnessing, self-reflection and documentation of the personal learning process;

– Develop quality youth mobility projects to be applied under Erasmus+ Programme;

– Develop and publish online the “Handbook: Entrepreneurship Education for Marginalized Young People, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants”



This project is financed by the Erasmus Youth.

Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) will be provided. Accommodation will be provided in double rooms.

Accommodation and food

All costs are covered by the project

Travel reimbursement

There are different limits for travel costs for each country:

– Germany: 360 Euro

– Turkey: 0 Euro

– FYROM: 275 Euro

– Hungary: 275 Euro

– Bulgaria: 275 Euro

– Italy: 275 Euro




Lucky Punch Jugendhilfe gGmbH – Youth NGO

Phone: +38971307381

For additional information please: Download the Application form

Available downloads: InfoPack Powering Entrepreneurship Education.pdf

Contact for questions:


E-Mail: vlade-tearce@hotmail.com